WooCommerce and WordPress Go Passwordless with OwnID Free Plugin

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Exciting news for online store owners: Any WooCommerce store can now implement passwordless login to streamline purchase flow and reduce user drop rate using the free no-code OwnID plugin.

OwnID has released the first ever passwordless authentication WordPress plugin with full support for all WooCommerce stores. The plugin allows WordPress/WooCommerce store owners to set up passwordless authentication and activate passkeys in minutes. By eliminating the need to create and remember passwords, it also allows users to register and log in with just a few clicks on any device. OwnID offers the plugin at no cost, with up to 10,000 logins per month.

By implementing Passkeys support, site owners can improve their conversion rate by 20% or more, and reduce user drop-offs by 35%. This is based on case studies showing improved metrics following the deployment of the OwnID solution. Streamlining the purchase flow and reducing the user drop-off rate are crucial for store owners and marketers during the upcoming holiday season. Both can be achieved by eliminating one of the steps that hinders visitors trying to register or log in, the password.

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The authentication flow is web-based and doesn’t require users to install an app. The complete end-to-end platform works cross-OS, cross-device, and cross-domain; it supports Passkeys out of the box. This means that the OwnID solution works for all users, regardless of device type – Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, or any other.

Recently, the 2022 CISO Choice Awards selected OwnID as “Best passwordless technology,” and PayPal announced that it will implement Passkeys support for all its users. It is clear that the market is heading in the direction of eliminating passwords to try to tackle the growing security risks and reduce the burden on users.

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