Zvelo Releases Predictive Phishing Detection to Combat Automated Bot Phishing Campaigns

Zvelo announced predictive phishing detection enhancements that will help cyber defenders to predict and block phishing campaigns, with an emphasis on preventing personalized URL attacks. With zvelo’s predictive phishing attack detection, phishing campaigns are proactively identified, allowing partners to block phishing attacks before they can be delivered and proliferate.

Many phishing attacks use personalized URLs for each victim. These URLs can be personalized at the path and/or parameters level. Because each URL is unique, blocking these attacks from full path URLs is not effective since the next victim will be using a URL that is unique from all those seen previously. The current phishing detection and phishing feed offerings provide little to no protection against these types of attacks for the initial recipients and are completely ineffective for subsequent recipients of such embedded URLs. The result is that the attack continues to proliferate because the tens of thousands of personalized URLs are not blocked until AFTER they are delivered, by which time it’s too late.

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“The predictive phishing detection is part of an Active Defense strategy that will help our partners proactively disrupt attacks like automated bot phishing campaigns.”

Many of the other threat intelligence and phishing detection feed options on the market don’t curate the intelligence to be able to inform their customers of the level at which a specific phishing campaign should be blocked. And while it is possible to block at the domain level, that can be problematic due to the amount of shared infrastructure on the internet. Some of this infrastructure is controlled by a customer at the path or subdomain level. Thus, each campaign must be analyzed, and the intelligence created, so that the attack can be blocked effectively. Customers can attempt to curate the incoming threat intelligence themselves at significant expense. If the incoming intelligence isn’t curated there is a high risk of either experiencing ineffective threat filtering, or a large number of false positives that drive up operational expenses.

“The predictive phishing detection is part of an Active Defense strategy that will help our partners proactively disrupt attacks like automated bot phishing campaigns,” Jeff Finn, zvelo CEO. “The end goal is ultimately to stay one step ahead of the adversaries, so our partners can be more effective in protecting their end users.”

Zvelo’s Predictive Phishing Detection that is delivered to our PhishBlocklist subscribers has been curated through proprietary algorithms to identify phishing campaigns and create the proper intelligence records, allowing customers to efficiently and effectively block phishing attacks. The predictive phishing detection is delivered as part of the zveloCTI PhishBlocklist which enables partners to block these phishing campaign attacks before they proliferate.

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