RedPoint Global Expands Partnership With Acxiom

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Alliance Enables Seamless Experience for Marketers Seeking Enhanced Real-Time Engagement with Customers

RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, announced an expanded partnership with Acxiom, the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. As part of this relationship, RedPoint customers now have access to a continuous flow of leading third-party audience enhancement data, AbiliTec a proprietary identity resolution solution that creates accurate identifiers for individual customers, and leading Data Quality hygiene services. The partnership empowers marketers with the deepest customer understanding to create more dynamic audience insight and personalized engagement. In turn, consumers will benefit from a more relevant relationship with the brands they love.


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Combining Acxiom’s industry-leading identity resolution, data quality hygiene services, and real-time access to powerful InfoBase consumer data enhancement with RedPoint Global’s solutions allows marketers to enhance their customer data with demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data, enabling them to provide an optimized customer engagement experience across the enterprise. Creating highly-personalized, relevant experiences via the RedPoint and Acxiom partnership helps marketers further strengthen consumer loyalty to their brand.

RedPoint Global Expands Partnership With Acxiom
John Nash

“We are excited to offer enterprises an out-of-the-box, integrated option to enrich their customer data on demand, directly within the RedPoint customer data platform. Leveraging Acxiom data and identity resolution natively within RedPoint enables enterprises to better close the strategy-to-execution gap caused by customer data that is either incomplete or inaccessible, particularly when it is needed most to drive hyper-personalized engagement at the cadence of the customer,” said John Nash, Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, RedPoint.

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RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub users will experience a seamless process of real-time engagement with customers by activating an Acxiom AbiliTec module within the RedPoint user interface. The data ingested through AbiliTec will add to the data that currently make up the golden record, a single precise view of the customer within RedPoint. From there, users have access to dynamic customer data that can help improve the accuracy of orchestrating engagement enterprise-wide. Having the best data possible enables marketers to generate insights that drive contextually relevant interactions with customers across all touchpoints.

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Chandos Quill
Chandos Quill

Chandos Quill, VP Global Data and Strategic Alliances, Acxiom, added, “Our partnership provides RedPoint customers access to a wealth of audience insights and leading identity resolution technology to seamlessly integrate information and merge customer data. RedPoint users can now more efficiently access and utilize audience insight data with greater speed and precision than ever before, for stronger personalized customer engagement and experiences.”

The integration of audience insights and AbiliTec is an expansion of the current RedPoint partnership with Acxiom, which includes LiveRamp and Acxiom Marketing Services.

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