The Model9 Cloud Data Platform File Transfer Technology Will Now Be Used In AWS Mainframe Modernization

New Model9 File Transfer to Simplify Large-Scale Mainframe Data Migration

Model9, a cloud data management for mainframe software company, announced today that its Cloud Data Platform for Mainframe will be used as a component of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Mainframe Modernization to simplify and accelerate mainframe modernization initiatives at enterprise companies.

It is estimated1 that mainframes still hold and generate roughly 80% of the world’s corporate data, including both active data from applications running on mainframes as well as decades of historical data kept for regulatory compliance, archival and data protection. Mainframes still run mission critical applications at the world’s top banks, insurers, telcos, retailers, airlines, manufactures and other large enterprises. These mainframes still run a significant amount of enterprise transactions and store petabytes of current and historical customer data but many existing mainframe data transfer tools are complex and require application-level handling (aka “transformation”) of the data before transferring out of the mainframe.

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“The Model9 File Transfer solution is addressing a major challenge holding back mainframe modernization initiatives of efficiently and securely migrating the vast amounts of mainframe data to the cloud from the various proprietary data formats and storage systems it is currently kept on,” said Gil Peleg, Founder and CEO at Model9. “Incorporating the Model9 File Transfer solution into AWS Mainframe Modernization, customers can move their mainframe data into Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and start using AWS value added services like Amazon Athena or Amazon QuickSight without impacting their mainframe environment.”

AWS Mainframe Modernization is a service that allows customers to migrate on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS. Leveraging Model9’s patented data transfer technology, the new Model9 FileTransfer solution for AWS Mainframe Modernization will allow customers to deliver mainframe data to AWS at scale, accelerating application modernization and drastically reducing operating costs.

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“Model9 plays a key role in our mainframe modernization and cloud strategy. We look forward to the new capabilities provided with the solution by Model9 and AWS”, said Simon Youssef, Head of Mainframe at Israel Postal Bank.

“Data is a core asset of any modernization project, connecting Model9 capabilities directly to AWS Mainframe Modernization will allow customers to move data quickly and securely, with minimal domain expertise”, said Ilia Gilderman, General Manager for Migration Services at AWS, “This new offering gives our customers a single solution for simplifying and accelerating the migration and modernization of mainframes to the cloud.”

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