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GeoSpock Unveils an Industry-First Location Intelligence as a Service (LIaaS)

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GeoSpock Product Showcase Is Used to Explore the Potential of Smart City Development, Online Advertising and Mobility Through Location Intelligence (LI) Analytics Functionality

 GeoSpock® has announced the launch of its Location Intelligence as a Service (LlaaS) Product Showcase. Currently, GeoSpock delivers analytics, builds insight, and enables predictions across space and time.

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Demonstrating a variety of real-world scenarios, the Product Showcase is used to explore the potential of smart city development, online advertising and mobility through Location Intelligence (LI) analytics functionality – including dynamic filtering, movement tracking, dataset comparisons, and geofencing. Understanding LI datasets are crucial for companies looking to derive meaningful insight from extreme amounts of geospatial and temporal data, which enables informed business decisions.

The platform empowers businesses who have not yet used GeoSpock to evaluate how these LI tools unlock the power of their data, before progressing to GeoSpock’s wider product suite to develop analytics, create insight, and benefit from predictions for their company’s datasets. Utilising the full analytics toolset of illumin8™ and extrapol8™, the Product Showcase is powered by big data from Geospock’s extreme-scale indexing engine, infin8™.


Companies spanning the automotive, telecoms, mobility, media, and retail landscapes – as well as leading and disruptive technology companies involved in developing smart city technology, and IoT capabilities – will benefit from implementing GeoSpock’s data visualization platform.

Example scenarios from the Product Showcase include:

  • Audience profiling around supermarket store locations: targeting relevant product offers in a cost-effective way
  • New York taxi passenger drop-off and pick-ups: discovering the powerful combination of geospatial and temporal data
  • Analysis of flights arriving and departing from airports: understanding the smart city implications of population movement
Richard Baker, CEO, GeoSpock
Richard Baker, CEO, GeoSpock

At the time of this announcement, Richard Baker, CEO at GeoSpock, commented, “Location Intelligence is a critical metadata metric for enterprises, with Gartner forecasting that the use of LI software by large and midsize enterprises will quadruple to 36% by the end of 2021. Geospock’s interactive platform enables businesses to unlock the impact of extreme-scale data visualization and analytics in a powerful, fast, and effective way.”

Richard added, “We are at the leading edge of the LI software market and clients are increasingly seeking a solution that drives dynamic interaction with vast sets of data, across location and in sub-second time, so we are delighted to offer Geospock’s capabilities to benefit these forward-thinking businesses.”

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GeoSpock is fast becoming the de facto processing engine at the heart of next-generation infrastructure, including smart cities and the Internet of Everything (IoE), as well as powering future mobility applications such as the management of autonomous vehicle fleets.

GeoSpock® provides a unique architecture with the ability to analyze trillions of geospatial and temporal data points in sub-second response time with its high performance, cloud-based services – infin8™, illumin8™, and extrapol8™.

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