LinkedIn Acquires Web Analytics Startup Oribi To Expand Its Marketing Solutions

  • Professional networking site LinkedIn (that now boasts of over 800 million users) just announced its acquisition of Israeli based web analytics startup – Oribi.
  • Oribi, is a Tel Aviv based company that specializes in marketing attribution technology. This deal will lead to LinkedIn having its first office in Israel.

LinkedIn already offers a range of marketing and advertising solutions to businesses worldwide. This deal will strengthen the platform’s overall marketing attribution model and capability to give users a more detailed view into marketing performance.

What Makes the Deal so Special?

LinkedIn acquired Drawbridge in 2019, the acquisition of Oribi is a close second to this area of the business.

A higher demand for targeted ad and marketing features and the need for better metrics and attribution models could be some of the influencing factors here. This acquisition points to the fact that LinkedIn as a platform is focused on growing and developing its marketing and advertising solutions and models to meet evolving user needs and give them the kind of data and insights they crave. Every business or marketer today needs to understand the impact of their marketing campaigns so they can optimize their next steps based on it.

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Businesses today can use varied features available to them via platforms like LinkedIn to engage with a precise audience base or even network with peers in a specific role or industry.

LinkedIn’s latest announcement indicates the platform is focusing on growing their marketing and advertising network further by giving businesses what they are looking for: better insights into the performance of marketing campaigns.

Solutions like Oribi compete with platforms like Google Analytics. While Google Analytics is a popular go-to platform for website measurement and metrics, most marketers end up having to use additional marketing technologies or attribution features to gain deeper insights into visitor behavior.

The integration of Oribi’s technology into LinkedIn’s marketing solutions will give users enhanced campaign attribution metrics, thereby allowing them to optimize their ROI and overall strategies. Customers will find it a lot easier to measure conversions from various marketing plans.

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