Retail and Hotel Google Business Profile Conversions Are Up YoY, According to New Rio SEO Findings

Data from over 200,000 GBP listings reinforces increase in consumer spending and travel in 2021

According to Rio SEO research, last month’s national consumer search behavior trends revealed a significant YoY increase in local search listings traffic and conversion metrics in both the retail and hospitality industries.

According to TSA checkpoint travel numbers, there was a significant increase in airline travelers during November 2021 compared to November 2020. Increased travel led to consumers booking hotels, reinforcing Rio SEO’s findings.

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“Consumers are becoming increasingly confident and comfortable with activities like in-store shopping and traveling, and we’re seeing a direct correlation with their local search behaviors,” said Ryan Weber, director of client success, Rio SEO. “With travel increasing, it is important for hospitality brands to create an interactive, 5-star customer experience. Having options for touchless check-ins, enhanced sanitization procedures, and seamless communication is key to increasing conversions.”

Hotels saw a 58% increase in total Google Business Profile searches, a 41% increase in website conversions and an 87% increase in clicks for directions YoY. Additionally, retail saw a 12% increase in total searches, a 6% increase in website conversions and a 21% increase in clicks for directions.

The future looks strong for other industries, as well.

Service businesses, finance, sit-down restaurants, quick-service restaurants, retail, hotel, healthcare and multi-family residential organizations collectively saw YoY increases in local search behavior:

  • 49% average increase in total views
  • 38% average increase in total searches
  • 31% average increase in clicks for directions

Additionally, Rio SEO reviewed MoM trends, however, only found a slight increase in the retail space:

  • 9% increase in total views
  • 9% increase in website conversions
  • 6% increase in total searches

“With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, we anticipated seeing higher traffic this holiday season—however, we believe low inventory and delays in supply chain may have pushed consumers to start their shopping earlier this year,” added Weber. “Despite the current forecast, we anticipate seeing strong year-end retail listings performance and expansion into 2022.”

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