RudderStack Announces Partnership with Amplitude to Enable Deeper Product Analytics

RudderStack today announced a partnership with Amplitude to enable organizations to get deeper product insights, faster. Amplitude, the pioneer in digital optimization, helps businesses close the loop between product data, insight, and action with a comprehensive Digital Optimization System. The system gives businesses everything they need to understand customer behavior, predict valuable outcomes, and optimize digital product experiences for maximum impact. RudderStack, the customer data platform for developers, provides plug-and-play data pipelines that make it easy for businesses to stream real-time behavioral data directly to Amplitude from every website and application.

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RudderStack and Amplitude partner to help companies accelerate innovation with deeper product analytics.

Together, RudderStack and Amplitude help businesses leverage data in real-time by:

  • Delivering event data reliably, as it happens – RudderStack’s Event Stream delivers behavioral data directly to Amplitude in real-time.
  • Giving every team the data they need – RudderStack gives Amplitude a full picture of user behavior data from all of a company’s sites and applications, and Amplitude makes it directly accessible to every team that needs it.
  • Making insight and action easy – The Amplitude Digital Optimization System provides users everything they need to analyze their data and quickly act on insights.

“At Amplitude, we know that product-led growth is critical to companies’ success in the digital era,” said Lisa Hopkins, vice president of partnerships at Amplitude. “Our deepened partnership with RudderStack combines our best-in-class analytics with its innovative customer data platform to empower companies to accelerate innovation and drive better business outcomes.”

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“At RudderStack, we believe the customer data platform should enable businesses to easily leverage best in class tooling, not limit their ability to activate data,” said Soumyadeb Mitra, CEO of RudderStack. “We’re proud to partner with Amplitude to help companies get more value out of their customer data at a faster pace.”

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