Spiceworks Introduces New Intent-Based Targeting Capabilities to Help Technology Brands Reach In-Market Businesses at the Right Time

New Capabilities Leverage First-Party Intent Data to Improve How Businesses Buy and Sell Technology Solutions

Spiceworks introduced new intent-based targeting capabilities that leverage unique, first-party insights to empower B2B technology brands to identify and engage potential customers more efficiently. The new capabilities help technology brands reach in-market businesses — and the buyers within them — at the right time, providing a better, more relevant experience for IT buyers seeking connections to the brands that can help them when they need it most. With intent-based targeting, Spiceworks is connecting technology buyers and sellers in a way that reduces friction in the technology buying process and improves the experience for both parties.

B2B technology brands attempting to reach in-market buyers have been constrained by two historical approaches — determining intent through content and editorial consumption and through the combining of data sets from multiple third-party providers. However, given the complexity of the IT buying process and the number of decision makers involved, these approaches don’t leverage or fully account for new resources technology buyers rely on, their real-time behaviors, public conversations they have with peers and technology brands, existing brand preferences and solutions deployed, or the tools they use to do their jobs day in, day out.

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“An approach to intent-based targeting that relies on content consumption or an amalgamation of third-party data sets is limiting for the brand, but more importantly, cannot fundamentally improve the experience for the IT buyer,” said Manish Dixit, senior vice president of products and engineering at Spiceworks. “Our approach marries first-party data that’s unique to Spiceworks, new machine learning capabilities, and our decade-plus relationship with IT buyers to reimagine intent-based targeting in a way that’s great for the IT buyer and the brand they’re buying from.”

Spiceworks Generates Billions of Intent Signals Each Month

Interactions within the Spiceworks marketplace including community discussions, technology how-tos, learning modules, product reviews, over 15 IT management tools, and other properties generate billions of intent signals every month and provide a more complete picture of business’ needs. These insights are then used to connect technology buyers and sellers as they’re searching for the information they need to make a purchase decision.

Spiceworks’ intent-based targeting capabilities help technology brands reach in-market businesses across 14 technology categories including hardware, software, cloud, security, networking, and more. Additionally, Spiceworks can identify purchase intent for a specific brand within each technology category and enable business technology buyers to opt-in to content from the brands they’re considering. Intent targeting can be activated via Spiceworks’ suite of advertising solutions including email, content syndication, display, and audience extension.

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