The Talkwalker AI Engine Provides Social Media Analytics Automation to Find Relevant Brand Insights Faster

Newly Launched AI-Powered Automation Engine Will Revolutionize the Social Listening Industry, Slashing Time Spent on Manual Analytics Tasks

Talkwalker, the leading social listening and analytics platform, announced the launch of the Talkwalker AI Engine. This revolutionary AI aids PR & marketing personnel by automating social data analytics, giving them more time to focus on insights, and generating impactful results for their business.

As the access to big data has grown exponentially, it’s become harder and more time-consuming to measure.

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The Talkwalker AI Engine allows users to manage their data more efficiently. By automating the analytics process, it provides high quality data in less time, allowing users to focus more on the insights that drives brand results.

The Talkwalker AI Engine serves as the foundation for a growing suite of AI-powered features within the Talkwalker Analytics platform. This seamlessly combines Talkwalker’s world-leading data coverage with the latest deep learning methods to enable users to find more accurate and relevant brand insights at scale.

Key features of the Talkwalker AI Engine include:

  • Custom AI Models: Puts the power of the Talkwalker AI Engine at users’ fingertips, to create clean, high-quality data projects with minimal effort. With no need for complicated Booleans, users will save time, while boosting project accuracy, and reducing human error.
  • AI-Powered Sentiment: Using natural language processing, users can interpret human emotions, as well as types of irony and sarcasm, into tangible, measurable metrics. With analysis based on whole sentences, rather than keywords, it averages 90% accuracy, to measure brand sentiment, and detect the themes that are positively or negatively impacting a business.
  • Visual Insights: Our proprietary image recognition technology searches and compares social images with over 30,000 brand logos, and our extensive product, scene and object database. Allowing users to detect all visual mentions of their brand, on social networks, blogs, and news sites.

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“The launch of Talkwalker AI Engine shows our commitment to offering cutting-edge functionalities that make a difference to our users. We’re not just significantly reducing time spent on manual tasks, such as data cleaning, classification and segmentation, but also enabling communications professionals to find more relevant brand insights faster,” said Todd Grossman, Talkwalker CEO Americas.

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Already, Talkwalker’s clients are experiencing how quick, efficient and accurate the Talkwalker AI Engine is making their social listening, with :

  • A pharmaceutical company reducing their number of false positive results by 45%.
  • A leading telecommunications provider increasing their number of relevant results by 250%.

Talkwalker has been investing heavily in AI for more than three years, with an ever expanding team of in-house data scientists developing proprietary technologies tailored to the Talkwalker platform. “This enables us to make the AI experience smoother and more intuitive for our customers, ensuring that any Talkwalker user is able to use the full potential of AI, regardless of technical knowledge,” said Grossman.

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