DiscoverOrg Significantly Expands Technographics Coverage – Powering More Pipeline Growth For Sales and Marketing Teams

DiscoverOrg, the world’s leading sales and marketing intelligence solution, announced it has grown its proprietary database of installed technologies by 400% over the last year, creating significant value for sales and marketing teams that rely on technographics – the “tech stack” – to build personalized and segmented prospecting and Account-Based Marketing programs.

“Knowing what technologies are used by your target buyers is absolutely critical to the prospecting process,” says Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO. “We’ve automated data collection from numerous sources, and we have combined that with human-in-the-loop AI to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive technographic data available on companies today.”

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While DiscoverOrg previously integrated technology data from other sources, the team began a focused effort in early 2017 to build out its own technographics coverage through sophisticated automation tools that capture detailed information on technologies used by companies around the globe. These advances have driven 400% growth in the number of technology-company pairings in the platform, and a 66% growth in the number of technologies profiled – despite removing lower-confidence technology data from outside sources. The company expects coverage to grow another 50% before the end of 2018.

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“DiscoverOrg’s data goes beyond accurate phone numbers and email addresses. Deep and verified firmographic, technographic and intent data is how I was able to build over $1 billion in qualified sales pipeline over the past 5+ years,” says Matt Wheeler, QualifiedMeetings CEO. “Now, as a CEO, I won’t let our company launch a new customer program unless they invest in DiscoverOrg’s database.”

“As a leader in AI for sales, deep data is the key ingredient to successful outbound campaigns for our clients,” adds Chad Burmeister, CEO. “To truly execute multi-channel prospecting, a direct-dial phone number and valid email address that doesn’t bounce is key – but so is data on the specific technologies those buyers are using every day. DiscoverOrg is the only company that has consistently delivered these 360-degree insights and exceeded my expectations.”

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