Unlock the Power of Webinars with the New Video MarTech Tool for Lead Generation

TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform, is Changing Webinars

Content marketers are leveraging Video technology to spin a riveting tale to woo the audience. For now, Video is the best way to tell stories and connect with your customers. Continuing with the high-value innovations around video marketing technology, TwentyThree has announced TwentyThree Webinars. Twenty Three Webinars is a new tool that changes the way marketers generate leads, engage their audience, and educate their customers.

TwentyThree is currently listed in our MarTech RADAR 2018 Video Marketing tools for B2B commerce.

Marketing Teams Can Curate 100% Performance-Centric Webinars 

At the time of this announcement, TwentyThree CEO Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, said, “Webinars are the original video marketing, but they have often been seen as an entirely different category from how marketers should be running their video. For the last ten years, we’ve heard our customers complain about their webinar tools, inspiring us to finally fix and launch a tool that is a natural fit with our video marketing platform.”

With hundreds of thousands of businesses running webinars every week around the world, TwentyThree is taking on the most neglected, yet crucial, MarTech category with the launch of TwentyThree Webinars to complete their video marketing platform – giving marketers a webinar tool they can finally love.

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As a pioneering marketing category, webinar tools have often been born from web conferencing technologies. By giving marketers a tool that they can finally love, TwentyThree Webinars aims to improve the negative 28 Net-Promoter Score that current webinar tools received – according to a study conducted by TwentyThree –  from marketers around the world.

“TwentyThree’s Webinar tool allows us to focus on the results of the webinar, instead of investing hours in setting up or running one,” said Accelo’s Head of Marketing, Juan Parra.

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Juan added, “We have a constant feedback loop to see what was engaging and what content needed to be optimized. All of this data is also paramount for our sales and marketing team, and through the HubSpot integration, we can see all of that data in the right place.”

The world’s best marketers need a video marketing platform to make better-informed decisions about video across the entire marketing funnel. Thousands of marketers are using TwentyThree to significantly increase their results and gain the missing 50% of website data through video marketing.

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Webinar and Video Marketing Automation are Keys to B2B Success

Taking webinars from a technical category to a marketing category, TwentyThree Webinars focuses on giving marketers all the tools to achieve success. According to the same study done by TwentyThree, 68% of marketers use 2-5 different tools to set up, run and analyze a single webinar. TwentyThree Webinars eliminates manual processes and gives companies just one tool to run webinars.

TwentyThree Webinars enables marketers to run webinars in-browser and removes the need for viewers and speakers to download large software to engage with webinar content. Along with control over every – from the landing pages to emails – aspect of design and gives a full understanding of webinar performance.

Thomas added, “By adding Webinars to our video marketing platform it gives marketers one central location to succeed with every aspect of video.”

By completing their video marketing platform with Webinars, TwentyThree customers now have the four core pillars of video. Social Video, Website Video, Video Data, and now, Webinars, enables marketers to run their videos everywhere, power video on their website, stop ignoring video engagement data, and use a webinar tool that they finally love.

At TwentyThree,  marketing teams are empowered to finally integrate and add video to their marketing stack to successfully run video on their website, across all channels, with webinars, and track all video data.

We are excited about the product roadmap for video marketing technology and other interactive formats in the landscape. TwentyThree will roll out an innovative global marketing campaign that inspires marketers to finally love their webinar tool, including a webinar promise letter, launch announcement, world tour to 30+ cities, a webinar studio in San Francisco, and sending out thousands of webinar toolkits to marketers.

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