TwentyThree First to Support Publishing of LinkedIn Video

Video Marketing Platform, TwentyThree, Announced the Launch of LinkedIn Support For Their Platform

A video is the best way to tell stories and connect with your customers. The world’s best marketers need a video marketing platform to make better-informed decisions about video across the entire marketing funnel. LinkedIn recently unlocked the potential of B2B videos for advertisers on its platform. In an important announcement, TwentyThree, a leading video marketing platform, would start to support the LinkedIn Video, allowing marketers to easily run and distribute their videos on LinkedIn. Through TwentyThree, marketers can post LinkedIn Video to their company page and customize the visibility; such as posting a video for only connections, to logged-in LinkedIn users, a public audience, or designed for ad-promotion.

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The announcement comes barely days after LinkedIn’s recent update for B2B video advertisers and publishers. Last week, LinkedIn announced the launch of their Videos for B2B Ads.

Twenty Three Committed to Improving Marketing Analytics for LinkedIn Video

Thousands of marketers are using TwentyThree to significantly increase their results and gain the missing 50% of website data through video marketing.

Thomas Madsen Mygdal
Thomas Madsen Mygdal

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, CEO and founder of TwentyThree, spoke to us about this announcement.

Thomas said, “We’ve seen incredible demand for LinkedIn support. By adding LinkedIn to our platform, marketers can now run all of their videos from one platform, where they can easily distribute video content and get in-depth analytics across channels.”

Thomas added, “The TwentyThree video marketing platform allows marketers to view all of their video marketing analytics in one central location. Whether that’s a website, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.”

He added, “Now, we’re the first to support LinkedIn publishing from our platform and we’re currently waiting for LinkedIn to add their analytics API to allow us to pull that data in addition to our already existing channels. This helps marketers to segment by channel and see which video content is performing the best, allowing them to test and optimize each and every video.”

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The Best Way to Include TwentyThree for LinkedIn Video Marketing

Thomas provided deeper insights into how TwentyThree makes LinkedIn video marketing One of our product approaches at TwentyThree is to allow marketers to “Run Video Everywhere.” That means using video across every possible platform to get FullMetrics™  on all of their videos. Through our platform, they can create short snippets for LinkedIn which can be published directly on a company page and can direct the viewers to a longer video on the company website where the cross-channel performance of individual video content can be measured. These tools help marketers measure and move users down the funnel or buyer’s journey.”

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At the time of this announcement, Casper Emil Rouchmann, Traffic Manager at Templafy, said, “LinkedIn is one of our most important channels for user acquisition, so we’re excited that TwentyThree’s LinkedIn support allows us to run all of our social and website video from a single platform.”

Currently, TwentyThree allows marketers to run video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and now, LinkedIn. This is part of the TwentyThree product approach to “Run Your Video Everywhere” and to have FullMetrics™ for video performance across all channels. Additionally, TwentyThree’s video marketing platform empowers marketers to integrate and add video to their marketing stack and successfully run video with inbound and demand generation.

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TwentyThree and LinkedIn are available immediately for the thousands of marketers, with millions of videos, already using TwentyThree’s video marketing platform. At TwentyThree, the focus lies on empowering the marketing teams to finally integrate and add video to their marketing stack to successfully run video with inbound, social, and demand generation.

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