Getty Images And Cortex Partner On Artificial Intelligence Platform For Creatives

Cortex Uses Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Large Sets of Data and Then Recommends the Best Getty Images Content

Getty Images, a worldwide leader in visual communication, announced a partnership with Cortex, an artificial intelligence platform for creatives that recommends the best Getty Images content for social media campaigns.

Cortex’s artificial intelligence analyzes several years’ worth of data from over 33,0000 brands to predict and recommend which color schemes, imagery, and keywords perform best on social media – that can be automated by time, frequency, and subject. Beginning today, April 4th, the recommendations will also include specific images drawn from Getty Images expansive collection of creative content.

Brennan White

“Cortex’s models are now learning from the largest set of professional image performance data ever created,” said CEO of Cortex Brennan White. “Partnering with Getty Images will provide our customers with access to the highest quality visuals available and give them the tools they need to effectively engage any target audience.”

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Cortex currently has a lengthy list of customers across several industries including Heineken, Hulu, Jack Daniels and Marriott. According to data compiled by Cortex, marketers using the tool to create content outperform their industry benchmarks by up to 300 percent and save an average of 8.5 hours per user per week.

Andrew Hamilton

“Having an abundance of content is amazing for choice, but without the data to understand it, it can also be overwhelming,” said Getty Images Senior Vice President of Data and Insights Andrew Hamilton. “Getty Images’ highly annotated visual content paired with Cortex’s AI platform will give marketers a tremendous advantage in selecting the best visual content for their brand.”

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This announcement follows a series of partnerships as the company drives forward its Getty Images Everywhere strategy – delivering the company’s world-class content to everyone. Under the leadership of Hamilton, Getty Images has developed a growing Data and Insights team that reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and experimentation with the latest technology to drive value for customers and partners.

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