Kochava’s New Audience Insights Enable Marketers to Take Maximum Leverage of Targeting

Kochava’s New Audience Insights Enable Marketers to Take Maximum Leverage of Targeting And Be More Precise in Their Marketing Endeavors

Kochava is an industry leader when it comes to measuring solutions for Smartphones and connected devices. The company recently announced the release of its brand new ‘Audience Insights’ tool which facilitates visualizing key audience characteristics within Kochava Collective, which is the company’s independent mobile data marketplace.

Reaching the correct set of the audience is the holy grail for marketers, although, they know that this is also one of their biggest challenges. Marketers can map an ideal audience persona for targeting. However, without accurate data about how this audience is placed, marketing campaigns are less likely to succeed.

There are many enterprises today that specialize in providing extensive audience datasets. This data stack is spread out demographically and/or between several devices. The data provide some insights to marketers about locating their ideal buyer but is still insufficient. In order for marketers to derive wholesome insights from this distributed data, they will need to combine this data which is a back-breaking task. This is exactly where marketers can leverage Kochava’s capabilities.

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Grant Cohen, GM of the Kochava Collective said, “marketers might think they know their users, but the Audience Insights tool offers cohesive data to either confirm their assumptions or reveal new characteristics. Audience Insights is a simple, versatile tool, effective for advertisers and supply-side partners alike. Marketers can use it to better understand their audiences for targeting or even product development. Supply partners can show their advertisers evidence of the kinds of audiences they are selling.”

Kochava believes that the key factors to form the perfect audience set are based on combining data from certain key aspects. These aspects are –

Device Information

Data coming from a device’s make, model, carrier, language, and location.

Audience Behavior Data

Data collected from audiences’ application preferences, applications on a consumer’s mobile phone and visiting patterns to online content.

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Data collected about a person’s demographics (age, sex, gender, location etc.)

When marketers combine data from these elements it is possible for them to understand exactly where they can target their campaigns. They can also compare their existing dataset to see if it’s the right fit for their targeting initiatives. Utilizing one or all of the aforementioned data points, marketers can build their own custom audience sets. These derived insights can then be exchanged with enterprise stakeholders to solidify marketing strategies.

This tool has been made available as part of the Kochava Collective.

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