Exxe Group Launches New Entertainment-Centric Digital Footprint in Metaverse Initiative

Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:AXXA), (“Exxe” or the “Company”) a diversified fintech company, is pleased to announce it has launched a new digital footprint as part of its Metaverse Initiative. This new Entertainment focus represents some of the most popular and lucrative, interactive activities in the Metaverse. Plus, it represents another integrative layer and diversified complement to the Company’s current fintech-based, digital presence. Exxe leverages its deep experience in music, film, and fashion events, along with its digital communities, to simultaneously showcase interactive entertainment events via physical media and the virtual environment. Exxe conservatively estimating to generate an increase of at least 15% of our revenues from the sales in the content, fashion, music, film, market segments within 12-18 months. The new initiative will be able to strengthen the EXXE Group portfolio and add a significant amount of revenue to our overall business. By featuring leading artists and fashion designers, Exxe is primed to achieve considerable potential revenue and a global reach.

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Unique, Integrated Metaverse Services

Via its Seven Horns Films business, Exxe has years of experience in the global film business including film production and marketing, high profile film festival events in China, and digital community building in Asia and Europe. Feature film and limited series library of scripts under review for AXXA metaverse fund matching are expected to each generate 1.5 million USD in revenue in East Asian distribution including China. Today, Exxe is leveraging these activities via plans to continue featuring film festivals in the physical world and introducing them in a simultaneous virtual environment. In addition, the Company will offer concert promotion and production, along with similar services associated with educational seminars, forums, and events. Separately, Exxe management has considerable background in the fashion industry which will be leveraged to showcase physical and digital fashion events and produce exclusive, limited edition images and tokens, along with unique products.

Based on its current roadmap, Exxe management has constructed one of the most diversified and vertically integrated services suites in the Metaverse. Exxe’s 1Myle Crypto recently added 20 major coins and offers integrated payment processing fintech solutions for a broad base of physical and digital entertainment content, promotion events, and products (NFTs) as well as digital marketing communities. There might be no other company in the Metaverse that can offer this integrated suite of services.

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The Company has partnerships in the US, China, and Europe which will enable Exxe to build on its broad, global digital communities. For customers seeking to leverage its services and reach, all business can be transacted through Exxe’s 1Myle digital currency exchange and payments system. In general, offering simultaneous physical and digital events serves as a major advantage for the Company versus those firms focused on physical or digital, exclusively.

Exxe boasts deep relationships with leading fashion directors and designers that have graced the covers of top magazines and fashion shows, artists, community builders, digital marketers, digital land acquirers, and others. The Company plans to leverage these relationships via new product/services innovation including token design and implementation, images, gaming coins, interactive applications, etc. Innovation for the Metaverse Initiative will be led by a newly formed division inside of the AXXA Venture Fund, which in itself can take advantage of innovation inside of the group focused on the Metaverse.

Exxe takes an agnostic approach to the Metaverse. It is this approach that ensures Exxe’s solutions offer compatibility with a number of games and platforms enabling a broad selection can select from its deep pool of experienced land acquirers, specialist artists, animators, cartoonists, digital marketers, and community builders to its clients seeking to build virtual environments, NFTs, cities, events, etc. Considering that the digital events segment is expected to be one of the most popular services in 2022, Exxe is poised to quickly grow revenue and market share, with additional platforms and products to be introduced throughout the year.

Dr. Eduard Nazmiev, Exxe Group CEO commented on the Metaverse opportunities in 2022. “Exxe also plans to drive community mobilization led by artists and popular figures in the entertainment world. This diversified strategy of Metaverse growth through building its own assets and offering cutting-edge digital services in entertainment and payment processing is designed to grow Exxe’s status, reach and value, along with recurring revenue. We also plan to serve as an owner and operator ourselves via property and other asset acquisitions and leverage our community building which should drive revenue across the board.”

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