GAIMIN’s Early Access Event Opens Its Platform and Monetization App to Gamers

GAIMIN announces the opening of its gaming and monetization platform to the gaming community.

Following recently completed initial testing of its monetisation and gaming platform, ltd is opening up its gaming and monetization platform to 10,000 gamers during August and September.

GAIMIN’s monetization application enables a user to utilize the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) installed in a PC to participate in GAIMIN’s distributed data processing network, returning up to 90% of rewards generated back to the user. With a specific focus on PC-based gamers as users, GAIMIN’s app allows gamers to utilize their passively generated rewards to purchase in-game assets such as NFTs and native gaming tokens (including V-Bucks and Apex Legends coins) and as well as purchasing accessories and merchandise from GAIMIN Gladiators, GAIMIN’s esports division all of which is designed to deliver true utility for GAIMIN’s GMRX token.

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Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer for GAIMIN stated, “Extending the testing community to 10,000 active users is a major step forward in GAIMIN’s strategy to release an application that generates passively earned rewards for gamers. Starting on Monday 15th August 2022, we will be opening the download of our app to 10,000 users who can immediately benefit from its monetisation abilities and also receive bonuses for participating in this Early Access event.”

Martin Speight, Chief Executive Officer for GAIMIN commented, “Following initial testing, we have made significant improvements to usability of the app, the user experience, new functionality and increased monetisation options. We now need 10,000 gamers to test the performance of the app through high synchronous utilization, in readiness for general release.”

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Andrew Faridani continued, “Providing Early Access to 10,000 from 15th August will enable us to build a larger testing community and spearhead our strategy for mass adoption of the platform throughout our target user community. This event is designed to test GAIMIN and our systems, and also reward users through increased rewards, limited edition gaming NFTs and enhanced GMRX for their continued participation. Importantly, this will also demonstrate the utility within GMRX in readiness for its imminent listing.”

Martin concluded, “Ensuring our platform is ready for general release is a major step forward in our strategy. In readiness for listing of GMRX, and in support of maintenance of GMRX on exchanges, we want to ensure we list with an active user base and community and also demonstrate the true utility of GMRX within our ecosystem.”

To participate in this event, please follow GAIMIN on our social media channels, where full instructions will be provided throughout the Early Access period.

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