Synthetic Replicants Are Here to Save the Music Industry

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Throughout the world, COVID-19 has decimated the music and entertainment industry, especially emerging artists and live events. However, immersive tech company BLANK XR are rising to the challenge with a new AI-driven synthetic media format called Immortal XR.

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“This global change is accelerating the acceptance of new realities. It’s forcing us to re-think how artists will deliver entertainment now and in the future. The type of human cloning we’re talking about is neither embryonic nor cellular it’s holographic. We’re moving from carbon-based entertainment to AI-driven, synthetic media, creating interactive experiences that are fully immersive and conversational,” said BLANK XR CEO Denise E. White.

Immortal XR will make a new channel for artists to converse directly with fans in holographic form 24/7, streamed directly to consumers worldwide in all four realities: Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, and IRL. Artists can provide a localized language experience and give personalized call-outs to fans individually even though they’re watching the same performance. It’s better than “being there.”

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The key, Denise says, lies in “connecting holographic likeness with human intelligence and AI to create a digital replicant that is realistic visually, audibly and with life-like, believable sentiment.” That’s enough to inspire a movement and disrupt the status quo. Some of entertainment’s top producers are paying close attention to how BLANK XR’s new format will impact the industry.

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