Penske Media Expands Partnership with Outbrain

Outbrain Enables Penske Media Corporation to Improve Reader Loyalty and Total Revenue

Following a successful test of Outbrain Engage, Penske Media Corporation (PMC) expanded its strategic partnership with Outbrain, the leader in personalized content discovery. Outbrain delivers significant revenue for publishers like PMC through sponsored content, while personalizing the editorial content for readers.

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PMC has been an Outbrain distribution partner since 2015 and cited Outbrain’s focus on delivering RPMs alongside solutions that help grow all their revenues. Recent product advancements allow publishers to flight their own content into Outbrain placements while relying on Outbrain’s robust paid content recommendations to maximize revenue. These product investments are unique in an industry often maximizing for paid placements and not thinking holistically about how to help publishers grow all their revenues.

The extent of PMC’s relationship with Outbrain extends to the Automatic Yield suite of products which uncovers the real-time value of content via the adserver while optimizing editorial content for engagement and CPM-based revenue. PMC has seen 110% increase in incremental revenue since launching with Automatic Yield and uses the revenue reporting to inform audience development and yield optimization strategies. PMC is an Automatic Yield launch partner since March 2017.

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Penske Media Expands Partnership with Outbrain
Yaron Galai

“Outbrain is excited to broaden our partnership with PMC by offering high RPMs alongside innovative products that help grow all publisher revenue. We know some publishers will continue to focus solely on RPMs, and that’s okay. However, we believe the industry needs to take a longer-term view of the reader experience, while they may forgo short-term revenue, publishers can build a more lasting relationship with their readers,” said Yaron Galai, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Outbrain.

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Penske Media Expands Partnership with Outbrain
Craig Perreault

PMC’s EVP of Business Development, Craig Perreault, commented, “We took a good look at providers in the market and were pleased with the combined reader experience and revenue opportunities that Outbrain provides, as well as the ability to test new features and technology to improve performance.”

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