Expansion of API-Based Media Management: Agility CMS Partners With Cloudinary

Expansion of API-Based Media Management: Agility CMS Partners With Cloudinary

Agility CMS and Cloudinary IntegrateAgility CMS, a leading API-first headless CMS, has announced its partnership with Cloudinary, the end-to-end media management platform.

Cloudinary is trusted by enterprise companies to store, optimize, and rapidly deliver digital assets through to any device, browser, or bandwidth. The partnership makes it possible for Agility CMS users to manipulate and optimize Cloudinary assets in real-time from within Agility CMS.

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“This partnership will empower Agility CMS customers with automatically optimized and fully programmable media,” said Joel Varty, CTO at Agility CMS.

“Rich media, and video experiences in particular, are a massive part of the digital experience today. With Cloudinary, Agility CMS users can seamlessly build out fast and personalized media experiences with Cloudinary APIs, Widgets, and SDKs,” Varty explained.

Agility CMS customers will also benefit from:

-Advanced asset search features
-Automated media assets tagging
-Simplified image manipulation and enhancement
-Streamlined media asset creation and delivery process
-Integration with other third parties to build a digital experience platform
-Rapid upload, drag, and, drop of assets from Cloudinary to Agility CMS

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Cloudinary’s broad feature set will appeal to both developers and marketers, which is yet more good news for Agility CMS customers.

“Cloudinary offers substantial aid in managing, optimizing and transforming all types of media. As a result, with Cloudinary media management, Agility CMS can deliver dynamic media experiences to developers and editors to help improve and innovate your digital experiences. This is the future of Enterprise grade API-based media management”, commented Tamas Piros, DXE at Cloudinary and creator of Jamstack.Training.

The move also reaffirms Agility CMS’ strategy of seeking out strategic integrations to enable enterprise brands to build composable, best-of-breed, and API-first digital experience platforms.

“With interoperability and composability becoming increasingly important to enterprise companies, Agility CMS’ decision to partner up with an industry- leading digital asset management system is a positive move for them, as well as their customers,” Ismail continued. ,

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