Aprimo Idea Lab and Article Editor Unveiled to Empower Content Marketers

Aprimo Idea Lab Solution Helps Marketers Move More Quickly from Ideation to Distribution of Higher Quality Content  

In 2018, content marketing is critical to driving consumer engagement through personal and relevant conversations they desire. Aprimo, the leader in global marketing operations and digital asset management (DAM) technology, has announced the launch of Aprimo Idea Lab. The company also launched Article Editor within its DAM to support text-based content along with rich media content in one single, easy-to-use interface.

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Aprimo Idea Lab features new capabilities that help content marketers solve the planning and collaboration process challenges they’re faced with.  Aprimo would extend its capabilities to deliver the advantage to Content Marketing teams with its innovative Marketing Operations Hub.

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Aprimo is a leader in global marketing operations and digital asset management technology. Aprimo’s performance-driven software gives marketers the advantage to digitally govern and grow their brand.

Ed Breault
Ed Breault, VP, Head of Marketing, Aprimo

At the time of this announcement, Ed Breault, VP, Head of Marketing, Aprimo, said, “Today’s content marketers are faced with challenges when it comes to the process of ideation, organization and rolling out the necessary steps of a customer experience. Many team members have their own methods of taking notes, sharing ideas or collaborating. This makes it increasingly difficult to visualize and understand ideas, and ultimately decreases the speed in getting new experiences out the door.

The new capabilities include Aprimo Idea Lab – a new ideation solution that helps content marketing and creative teams ideate faster and better in the early stages of the content ideation and planning process.

Aprimo Idea Lab is the only ideation solution on the market that connects into the best-of-breed Aprimo platform, which includes workflow management and digital asset management solutions that help content marketers integrate processes and move more seamlessly through the end-to-end content lifecycle.

Springboard Creative Ideation with Aprimo Idea Lab

Idea Lab enables content marketing teams to digitize the content ideation process. The solution provides teams a visual canvas to help marketers quickly create ideas and decide which ones should move into the market with the following capabilities:

  • Idea workspaces to help collect and share early-stage ideas.
  • Dynamic, ad-hoc collaboration capabilities to allow teams to quickly and easily brainstorm new concepts together.
  • Flexible planning and calendar capabilities to easily view when and where ideas can be brought to market.
  • Connect finalized ideas into actionable marketing plans.
  • A single cloud-based solution to manage the entire content lifecycle at scale.

Ed added, “Through our team’s own implementation of the new content marketing solutions, we’ve been able to better manage and track ideas while increasing overall productivity and collaboration.”

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Article Editor Extends Content Capabilities to Content Marketers

In addition to Idea Lab, Aprimo also announced capabilities for content marketers including Article Editor in its Digital Asset Management product. Article Editor enables content marketers to support text-based content along with rich media content in one single, easy-to-use interface.

Content marketing teams can create and edit publishable marketing copy content, store channel-agnostic copy or configure channel-specific templates, and search and insert DAM assets – including images and videos.

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Streamline Content Marketing Strategy with Aprimo

With Aprimo’s new capabilities, content marketers and creative teams can reduce overall time-to-market while increasing productivity and improving time savings through more efficient creative planning and reduced usage of manual tools. These new capabilities support existing Aprimo capabilities for content marketers, creatives, and agencies, like the ability to:

  • Automate content workflows and processes
  • Easily create and share content plans and calendars
  • Dynamically collaborate on work-in-progress content with workflow and annotations
  • Curate content with digital asset management capabilities

“Like other marketers, our team understands that content marketing is critical to creating dynamic and impactful connections with our customers. But when faced with many disconnected components, from ideation to approvals, scheduling, and asset management, we needed a partner to help address these challenges,” said a large financial services firm using Idea Lab.

The company executive added, “Aprimo has helped us bridge the gap between all of these stages to better strategize on content and ultimately create those powerful connections our customers desire through storytelling.”

Aprimo will be exhibiting at the Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas from March 20-22. A lunch ‘n learn session presented by Anjali Yakkundi on Data-Driven Content Marketing 2.0 will take place on Wednesday, March 21, from 12:15-1:00 p.m. PDT. Aprimo also will be handing out copies of Andrea Fryrear’s latest book “Death of a Marketer: Modern Marketing’s Troubled Past and a New Approach to Change the Future.”

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