Google Discover Feed to Show Instead of Search Box When Mobile Users Type Google.Com

Smartphone Users Accessing Google.Com on Their Browsers Will See Google Discover by Default 

Global Search Engine Leader, Google, is rolling out its Discover (feed) on the website for both Android and iOS devices. The IT Giant hasn’t commented on the release of this functionality for PC browsing. Google renamed its ‘Feed’ feature from Google Feed to Google Discover last month as a part of the company turning 20!

Google Discover enables users to explore information about areas of their interest. Google Search users will now be able to read about topics they love such as sports, fashion, celebrities, etc. without actively searching for them. But what if users don’t want Google Discover to show up? They can always turn it off in settings. It appears that Google has accurately predicted that a part of their user set may not be very comfortable with the roll-out of this new feature. Here is a snapshot of feature functionality, operating-system wise:

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Discover can be viewed in the Google App or by typing in the browser window. Owners of Pixel, Nexus or Google Play edition devices can just swipe right from their home screen. Users can change their viewing preferences in settings.

In the app, Android Users can turn off Discover by — Menu-Settings-Discover-Turn off Discover. In the browser, users need to click on Settings-Discover-Don’t show on the homepage when they are on to switch off Discover.


iOS users can see Discover in the Google App and on on iPhones and Tablets. Just like Android, iOS Users too can select their Discover viewing preferences in their device’s settings. An iOS user can turn off Discover by going to Settings-Discover-Turn off Discover when on the Google App. As for the browser, users can turn off discover by going to Menu-Settings-Discover-Don’t show on the homepage.

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How Does Google Know What I Want to See?

Google ingests activity from your device or from other Google products that you possess to fuel and customize its Discover Engine for you. Google may also use historical information from your synced Google Account in order to decide what to add to your Discover. If you think this is intrusive you can change your privacy settings specifically for:

  • Internet surfing on the browser or in the app
  • Gadget information
  • Location

Google has with this move, carved a fair and easy path for advertising. It has now become simple to publish customized, organic and useful advertising for users leveraging programmatic advertising capabilities.

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