Movable Ink Extends Intelligent Content Platform with Developer-Friendly Tools and Marketing Cloud Integrations

Open and Extensible Platform Makes It Easy to Build Intelligent Content Apps That Create New Possibilities for Brands to Generate Highly-Personalized Consumer Experiences

Movable Ink, a provider of the leading intelligent content platform for digital marketers, introduced new developer tools and integrations that bring enterprise-level openness and extensibility to the Movable Ink platform.

With this latest release, Movable Ink clients and their agency and technology partners can easily build apps that activate content with any data in real time to deliver memorable consumer experiences at the moment of engagement.

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Vivek Sharma

“We built our platform for marketers from the start and have been on a race to make innovation easier for marketers,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.

Vivek said, “By opening up our platform with these tools and integrations, marketing and email teams at our clients and their agency partners can work with front-end developers to build custom apps that enable innovative ways to create intelligent content and the most personalized, on-brand consumer experiences.”

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Key New Features include: 

  • New Partner Integrations
    ESP Content Connectors with Epsilon Agility Harmony and Salesforce Marketing Cloud bring intelligent content directly into existing workflows.
    Integration with Segment enables clients to target customers with personalized content in every email with mobile app behavioral data
  • Movable Ink Development Kit (MDK)
    Developer-friendly environment enables clients and partners to build intelligent content apps with oAuth integration
  • Webhooks
    Real-time access to campaign data enables brands to update their models and decisioninig engines to create a feedback loop for continuous optimization
  • GDPR Compliance
    Movable Ink is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR) that went into effect on 25 May 2018

Movable Ink started by making it easy for marketers to add intelligent content to any email without developer resources by providing hundreds of pre-built apps that activate content with any data such as CRM (name, loyalty, account history), contextual (location, device, weather) and behavioral (browsing, purchases) to generate the perfect email experience in real time for every consumer.

The company then launched its intelligent content platform, the first comprehensive enterprise solution that automates the creation, deployment, and measurement of personalized email content. This platform-based approach enabled a wave of email innovation by making it easier for brands to integrate intelligent content into emails, as well as test and optimize campaigns in real time.

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The intelligent content platform is flexible and scalable, and Movable Ink’s pre-built apps allow marketers to integrate intelligent content into email without the need for developers. However, sophisticated use cases for personalized content require apps that are tailored to specific industries and reflect the uniqueness of every brand.

Previously, clients relied on Movable Ink’s Solutions Engineering team to build highly customized apps. Movable Ink opening its development framework with this release enables client and third-party developers to build custom apps that unlock any data (website, internal database, third-party) and create the most personalized, on-brand consumer experiences.

The new features are available to current Movable Ink clients. Clients using the intelligent content platform should contact their CX team for access and information.

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