La Trobe University Increases Student Enrollment With The ON24 Digital Experience Platform

Australian university reaches more prospective students with virtual campus visits and leverages engagement data to drive personalized recruitment

La Trobe University, a higher education and research institution in Melbourne, Australia, shifted its annual Open Day campus visits from in-person events to immersive digital experiences with ON24 (NYSE: ONTF). Using the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, La Trobe University delivered more than 100 live and pre-recorded virtual events to showcase their campuses and educational departments and help prospective students get a sense of the university experience. With ON24, La Trobe increased the number of students visiting Open Day by 157% compared to the previous year, helping them meet student enrollment goals.

La Trobe University used ON24 to reach more students with virtual campus visits and leveraged engagement data to drive personalized recruitment. La Trobe increased the number of students visiting Open Day by 157%, helping meet student enrollment goals.

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“ON24 virtual events gave us invaluable audience insights that were critical in conducting the right follow-up with prospective students,” said Victoria Dillion, manager of university events at La Trobe University. “Engagement data helped us better understand students’ individual interests so we could personalize communications and help make their decision to attend the university much easier.”

Universities in Australia host Open Days every year to provide interested students and parents tours and informational sessions about courses and life on campus. With in-person interactions limited during COVID-19, La Trobe University needed a way to engage students without hosting students physically on-campus.

La Trobe used ON24 Webcast Elite to conduct live Q&A sessions with students and parents, introduce departments and degree paths, and provide campus tours. Potential students were also able to view pre-recorded lectures based on their academic interests and learn more about accommodation services, sport, and diploma programs.

With ON24 Engagement Hub, students accessed live and on-demand sessions, as well as all the admissions content they needed. ON24 Intelligence allowed La Trobe to measure student engagement so they could deliver personalized post-event communications, stay connected with students about their interests throughout the recruiting process, and identify new prospects in China, India, and Vietnam, three growing markets for La Trobe.

“Digital is becoming a critical component to universities broadening the reach of their recruitment efforts and driving higher admissions,” said Steve Daheb, CMO of ON24. “La Trobe University delivered unique digital experiences that set them apart during Australia’s Open Days and gave prospective students and their families access to everything the university had to offer to improve enrollment.”

The ON24 Digital Experience Platform includes ON24 Webcast Elite, ON24 Engagement Hub, ON24 Target, ON24 Virtual Conference, ON24 Intelligence, and ON24 Connect. Companies can deliver digital experiences that create deep engagement, first-person data, and AI-driven personalization, as well as seamlessly integrate audience insights with marketing automation, CRM, and collaboration systems.

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