MRKT360, Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam Aim to Revolutionize Digital Marketing in Latin America with their Partnership

A collaboration like none other! MRKT360, Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam will be partnering together to bring DV360 to the Latin American market.

We are delighted to announce our new collaborative agreement with Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam, both highly talented digital marketing agencies based in Argentina. This will allow all parties to offer better services to more customers through MRKT360’s access to the campaign management platform Display and Video 360.

Mrkt360 is a digital marketing agency located in Toronto, Ontario. We provide digital marketing solutions across various ad platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc). Our strength lies in our ability to develop broad and effective digital advertising strategies for our clients. Additionally, we curate businesses’ brand image and online presence amongst audiences. Most importantly, however, is our ability to stay on the cutting edge of digital innovation, which is why this partnership was formed.

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Both Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam are skillful and accomplished digital marketing agencies from Argentina. They work with a wide range of clients across various industries all over Latin America. They offer many of the same services as Mrkt360, such as running advertising campaigns and strategies on the world’s largest platforms. In addition, they offer much more in-depth website and back-end development solutions than ourselves and they’re masters of storytelling and appealing to Latin American audiences. Both agencies offer their services to over fifty different countries, however, across Latin America, North America, and Europe.

This partnership amongst the three agencies is for a specific reason however. DV360 is Google’s newest product offering for advertisers. It allows for complete end-to-end campaign management from one platform. DV360 will become the one-stop-shop for advertisers over time. It allows for media and campaign planning, creative development, performance measurement, and optimization all from one command center.

Due to DV360 being such a new tool and a relatively high learning curve associated with the platform itself, not many digital agencies currently utilize the platform. Ultimately, this limits advertising possibilities and efficiencies for clients. Mrkt360 dedicated time for lesson plans and learning early in 2021 to understand the complexity behind the platform and to be able to offer it to clientele.

As such, both Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam will be able to offer DV360 services to their clients and prospective clients via the proxy of Mrkt360. Mrkt360 will be able to gain access to a much larger audience and client base within Latin America in return. The collaborative agreement will also allow the agencies to learn from one another and develop creative strategies for all clients involved.

This collaboration will allow tremendous growth for our agencies through the DV360 offering, and the clientele expansion across various countries and cultures. This growth, as a result, will drive greater creativity, innovation, and expertise. This partnership will create a future of endless possibilities for our collective clientele, and Mrkt360 is incredibly excited to get started on this journey with both Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam.

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