Top SEO Company Moves to Austin Texas

In 2019, 559,000 people moved to Texas, according to the U.S. Census data, and over 80,000 of them were from California. Another Top SEO Company Moves to Austin Texas leaving Silicon Valley for the Austin Texas Silicon Hills. This time it is a top digital marketing agency team that implements technology for business development purposes including website developers, search engine optimization experts, automation specialists, content development professionals, syndicated press releases managers, citation bursts consultants, and software application developers. This not only will provide more access to Texas companies seeking business development through technology but this company is also looking to hire 91 new employees over the next 3 years.

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We sat down with Erik Avery the CEO and Founder of DIQ SEO to discuss the reason for the move and a little about his company’s offers. When asked why DIQ SEO was making the move from California to Texas? Erik responded with “In short, it’s the people of Texas that we admire and that are showing us a better way to move forward. I can see my family surrounded by the people who live there and that gives me more hope for the future.” How do you describe your new Austin Digital Marketing Company? Erik replied “a team of detail-oriented Digital Marketing Professionals with a foundation in Search Engine Optimization Marketing.

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DIQ SEO has vast experience translating the client’s needs into all-encompassing marketing strategies. The focus centers around creating highly functional website environments that streamline SEM, SEO, PPC processes, leverage multi-channel funnels within each vertical, creating an omnichannel seamless sales experience for the user while generating analytics for optimizing marketing channels throughout the sales funnel journey to present transparent ROI to the client. I classify our digital marketing team as exceptionally analytic individuals with vast experience in business development, communicating and translating clients goals using our problem-solving tenacity.” When asked what digital market services DIQ SEO would provide? Erik Said “DIQ SEO will provide website development, search engine optimization (SEO), workflow automation, software development, application development, mobile application development, PPC, paid search, google my business optimization, local SEO, eCommerce website development, advanced analytics tracking, social media marketing, OTT marketing, and many other full-stack digital marketing services we aim to be the Top Website Developers in Austin.”

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