4 Pro Tips on How to Succeed with your Email Marketing Campaigns

Stay on Top of Your Email Marketing Campaigns with These Pro-Tips Baked in Fire and Passed Through the Filters of Marketing Analytics for 2018

Most marketing teams now run with a cheat sheet on how to crack the email marketing puzzle. Mediocre how-to-do lists and tip sheets on subject lines are so archaic that they no longer drive home sales in 2018. To get a closer and more contemporary insight on how to improve your email flavor and improve diversity that boosts open-rate, we bring to you tips baked in fire and passed through the filters of marketing analytics that you could rely on.

Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

It’s time to get things in your hands. If you have been in the internet business for some time, you can no longer give Google Analytics a miss. Email tracking using GA’s Measurement Protocol allows you to measure and maintain a brand-customer relationship beyond your existing website and mobile apps.

Using GA’s Measurement Protocol, you can do these –

  • Measure user-activity in new environments
  • Interlink online to offline user behavior
  • Send data from both the client and server

These are powerful insights provided by Google Analytics, allowing you to compare different email campaigns and newsletters and providing analytics on their performance based on email subscriber segmentation.

Build Location-based Email Marketing Campaigns

Increase Subscriber Interaction with Geo-targeting 

Your customers are constantly on the move, and so should be your email marketing campaigns. Marketing teams that leverage geographic mapping features to zoom into customer behavior and movement have a higher rate of interaction and meeting their open-rate goals. For retail and e-commerce, geo-targeting for emails offer a higher degree of regional focus, measuring the exact performance of the localized email promotions.

To build location-based marketing campaigns, you can leverage contextual content automation tools. For this, you can utilize subscriber’s location data such as city, region, country, IP addresses, longitude, latitude, zip codes, Postal codes, or even time zones.

Location-based email filters allow email marketing teams to target contacts and subscribers located within a certain radius.

Social Integration and Bookmarking Using Email Homepages

Do you have social buttons and options to bookmark on your newsletter? If you aren’t doing this already—start now.

Social integrations allow your email subscribers to know your brand better, and more importantly engage them to consume more content. It also boosts your chances of improving your social listening analytics and automation.

Every website needs an Email Newsletter. People check their emails more often today than they were in 2017. Archiving your best and most-read newsletters could get heavy on your workflow management beyond a certain level. To give your subscribers an easy access to all your newsletters, turn your emails to Easy-to-Vide webpages.

Social bookmarking tools allow you to share the email newsletter and a bunch of other web content in your community. Based on the number of bookmarks your newsletter gets, you can measure the performance of your email marketing campaign better.

Video Email

The data behind the success of video emails speak for themselves.

While emails are the oldest block in the way brands interact with customers, video-based emails are the new-age rockstars! Personalized email marketing campaigns based on videos could drive up to 300% lift compared to the plain, text-based ones.

Mobile app-based emails are set to hit even bigger numbers, strengthened further by real-time teaser videos. It allows you to give a truly personalized email, letting the customers choose between two or more products that he/she may be looking for.

Overall, video email marketing induces 100% transparency to the buyer’s journey.

As you look to knock out the previous year’s email marketing numbers, sticking to basics of clear content with a tailored message for your branded environment will continue to drive better, measurable results in 2018 as well.

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