Digital Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares 5 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Email Marketing Strategy

As part of an ongoing commitment to help companies make the most of their marketing efforts, digital marketing company, fishbat, shares five tips to improve your brand’s email marketing strategy.

Despite all of the well-deserved buzz that social media marketing receives, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies to reach current and prospective customers. Both in terms of return on investment and actual conversions, email marketing beats can often surpass social media.

Not all email campaigns are created equal, and there are a variety of techniques that can be applied to your email marketing strategy to maximize its benefit to your business. Read on for five tips to up your brand’s email marketing game.

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Personalization is Fundamental

The conventional business wisdom that it’s less costly to keep an existing customer versus acquiring a new one can still apply to email marketing. Your email campaigns can be seen as a way to nurture your existing customer base. Personalizing email campaigns can be essential in driving opens and conversions. Users tend to be more inclined to engage with an email that has been personalized with their name and previous purchasing habits.

Here are a few ways you can effectively personalize email marketing campaigns:

  • Insert your customers’ names wherever possible. People are significantly more likely to open an email if their first name appears in the subject line. Including their name in the body of the email furthers the personalization.
  • Send email reminders to customers who have left your site with products or services in their carts, also known as abandoned cart emails.
  • Send personalized product recommendations based on prior purchases

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Consider the Sender

People are more likely to open promotional emails if they come from a real person and not a “donotreply” address. Make a key person within your organization the go-to point of contact for promotional emails. Personalizing the sender of emails can be a great opportunity to introduce your customer base to your brand’s marketing or customer service lead.

Go Image Free for B2B

Business-to-business clients are often opening promotional communications in an email platform that automatically blocks images. Consider producing concise, text and hyperlink-only emails to your B2B clients so they can quickly absorb your brand messaging and calls to action without having to scroll through unattractive empty boxes.

Make it Mobile

A growing portion of your mailing list probably reads their email on a mobile device. Make sure that your email marketing strategy is mobile-friendly in its execution. A single-column design lends itself to mobile reading. Be sure your call to action buttons are large enough to be easily tapped on a phone or tablet. Most email marketing platforms allow you to preview your messages before sending, so take advantage of this function and know that your customers are getting the most attractive, readable email possible.

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