Inbox Monster, a next generation email deliverability analytics platform, today announced the full release of its suite of monitoring tools and creative rendering products, allowing marketers to manage key elements of their email programs from one comprehensive solution.

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With Inbox Monster, email marketers gain visibility into deliverability KPIs and best-in-class creative rendering functionality. Inbox Monster has also released its analytics APIs, allowing marketers to connect key deliverability performance metrics to their broader marketing programs and existing campaign reporting infrastructure.

Along with the release, Inbox Monster announced the launch of Inbox Pulse, an inbox placement testing solution that offers unlimited placement tests and flexibility to send daily, in-line, and pre/post-campaigns without incurring additional platform expenses. The key benefits of Inbox Pulse testing include:

  • Unlimited placement tests to properly test individual campaigns with an all-in inclusive fee structure.
  • Inbox placement automation and scheduling removes the manual process associated with running placement tests and guarantees that each test includes the most up-to-date seed list.
  • Full seed list customization to test and monitor only the inboxes that drive the greatest success for your business.
  • Comprehensive testing across domestic and global B2C and B2B inboxes, predicting how each inbox provider will handle email communication from live customer domains.
  • Inbox location for each seed email helps brands identify which IP addresses are reaching the inbox and which ones are not.
  • Header views for each seed email provide the marketer with the exact responses that ISPs issue upon acceptance of an email campaign into their mail system.

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“The Inbox Monster team is hyper-focused on delivering great products and to-level service to email marketers across the world. We are thrilled to offer this comprehensive and next generation solution to the ever-changing email marketing community” said Matt McFee, co-founder of Inbox Monster.

“Considering the importance of inbox placement monitoring and the ever-changing landscape of consumer privacy, the email marketing community needed more robust solutions. By providing a forward thinking and innovative platform we’re confident that Inbox Monster will redefine deliverability and rendering solutions.”

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