The Three Best Prospecting/List Building And Automation Tools

Prospecting Online -Olivia Milton

Aside from the message itself, cold email campaigns live or die by the prospect list. If you aren’t reaching out to the right type of people you might as well just pack it up and go home. Building a prospect list isn’t as simple as finding a bunch of email addresses and sending them emails. It takes quite a bit of patience and research to find the lead most likely to respond to what you’re selling.

Here are 3 of the best tools on the market to build a prospect list and deliver them the perfect campaign.


Google being the leader in almost all things Internet, it isn’t at all surprising to see ProsperWorks on this list. Gmail is one the most used email clients in existence and one of the most user friendly platforms out there. ProsperWorks brings the same look and feel of Gmail but adds so much more. You can sync all of the data pertaining to a certain contact within the CRM for quick and easy access. Set automated tasks to be completed upon the meeting of specific criteria. Track all of the opens and replies of your messages in real time and even set up calls from directly within the platform!

It’s the closest thing to a universal tool if you absolutely love the Google aesthetic. The only feature it is lacking at the moment is an in-house lead generation tool, which is where are other entries come in to play!

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LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world. Anybody who is anybody has a LinkedIn profile and gone over it with a fine tooth comb to ensure that all of their information is kept up to date. While it is great as a professional social media platform, it’s utility when it comes to prospecting is invaluable. A person’s business profile is an information goldmine when it comes to cold email outreach and the ability to pull that information is a major asset. Call in and you can multiply that information pull exponentially. provides email addresses based off of URLs and a percentage of how likely the address is to be valid. So the idea here is to peruse LinkedIn for the ideal customer profile, look up there company name or URL and plug it into Hunter. From there you will be given a list of potential addresses to reach out to. The beginnings of your own prospect list from scratch! It can’t get much simpler… or can it?

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Reply is the best of both worlds; the native prospecting potential of with the organizational abilities of ProsperWorks. With the People Finder tool you can search a database of millions of up to date contacts around the world at the touch of a button. Just input the criteria your interested in and away you go! You can have a complete prospect list within minutes and they will be ready to be placed into a campaign by the time you are done.

Speaking of campaigns, Reply gives you the same feature set and ease of use as ProsperWorks with some added bonuses. While they do offer a Gmail extension, there are also native integrations to a number of other platforms so all of the bases are covered. Have a Salesforce account full of leads just waiting to be contacted? Reply can pull the entire list, assign them to separate campaigns and begin outreach within minutes of connecting. It’s an incredible all in one tool that can do wonders for your sales or marketing process.

And there you have it, 3 of the best automation and list building products on the market today. Whether used individually or in conjunction with one another, these tools provide features that have the potential to streamline your work flow in ways you may not have thought possible. If you didn’t know where to look when starting a prospect list or thought buying one outright was a little too shady, these can help out with that as well. More information can be gleamed about all three of these products on their official websites and look forward to more news in the future!

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