Substantial Market Potential Stimulates Additional $6 Million Funding Round For OnQ

onQ’s Clients Compass from 1000 Publishers, Content Providers and Organizations to Egypt’s Ministry of Education, Latter Through a Partnership with Imagine Education

onQ is an innovative platform that humanizes the digital experience and modifies the connection of how consumers and organizations interact in the digitalized ecosystem. The company announced the closing of an early second stage equity financing, totaling to $6 million.

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The same group of diverse private investors that led onQ’s previous $7 Million financing round completed this funding round as well. The fund would enable the company to accelerate their development and marketing efforts in the coming years. The company communicated the fundraising event to their investors by conveying the message through a series of brief and interactive videos via onQ’s video conversation engine. It also made an effort to exchange key discussions through the videos.

Substantial Market Potential Stimulates Additional $6 Million Funding Round For OnQ
Jack Alexander

“Our investors loved the in-the-moment interactions and seeing first-hand how onQ enriched the overall experience. This represented just one of the wide range of uses that the market is determining for onQ, including global communications, upskilling and career development, and enabling large video libraries for audio engagement,” said Jack Alexander, Founder & Chairman, onQ.

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Substantial Market Potential Stimulates Additional $6 Million Funding Round For OnQ
Jim Marshall

“We are finding tremendous product-market fit and sense that onQ is the tip of the spear in leading a market disruption. We decided to move onto the second raise in order to respond quickly to market demand,” said Jim Marshall, CEO, onQ.

The onQ solution wraps up any existing content and brings it to life. It has the power to transform presentation or video media into reciprocal group experiences, switching monologues and static viewing into active and engaging conversations. The interactions and results due to feed-in-the-moment behavioral data reveal actionable insights into how users engage with content. This demarcation further results in improvements to categories like content, communication, development, and learning.

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