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IZEA Announces IZEAx 3.0 Unity Suite

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IZEA Worldwide, Inc., operator of IZEAx, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators, has announced the release of IZEAx 3.0 Unity Suite. The new platform integrates all aspects of content creation, distribution, payments, and communications into a seamless and flexible platform designed for enterprise influencer and content marketing organizations.

The announcement was made today during the IZEA “Better Together” streaming event. A video archive of the event can be found at after 5pm Est. on April 23rd.

Unity WorkflowAt the core of the new experience for Marketers and Creators is Unity Workflow. Unity Workflow simplifies and streamlines the execution of influencer and content marketing campaigns while simultaneously providing a completely flexible construct that can support the most complex transaction types. Unity Workflow is ideal for scaling influencer marketing efforts with large numbers of micro-influencers, yet also handles complex annual social media ambassadorships with ease.

IZEAx 3.0 provides intuitive templates for the most common types of influencer marketing programs, but also allows for complete customization based on campaign objectives. Influencers can be activated on multiple platforms simultaneously, with any combination of posts and individual requirements, with unified workflow management and reporting.

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Unity Workflow introduces the concepts of tasks and roles, which allow multiple people to collaborate inside of one project. For example, a writer, photographer, and editor could all work together to produce a single piece of content. Tasks can also be completed by either human or robot workers within the same project. For example, a writer could write an article, a plagiarism bot could check that article, and text-to-speech software service could generate an audio narration mp3.

Unity CalendarIntegrated within Unity Workflow is an all-new content calendar for both Marketers and Creators. The calendar enables Marketers to quickly and easily manage production and publishing schedules for all the Creators participating in a given campaign. New flexible timelines allow Marketers and Creators to collaborate on changing deliverables and adjust the timing of tasks and as needed.

Direct Pay and Flexible CompensationIZEA has renamed IZEA Pay to Direct Pay and further enhanced the offering. Marketers can now reimburse influencers for expenses like trips, tickets, and materials from within Unity Workflow, with expenses, invoices, and receipts tied to the campaign. IZEA has also introduced flexible compensation to IZEAx, providing non-cash compensation support. This allows Marketers to provide Influencers with products, services or experiences while still retaining control over content creation, publishing, and measurement within Unity Workflow.

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Unity AnalyticsIZEAx’s suite of analytics for influencer marketing has been rebuilt and reimagined from the ground up. The experience has been significantly enhanced with a brand-new content-forward interface and robust data analysis. Analytics are available at the campaign or project level, with multiple detailed metrics reports for each engagement type. Unity Analytics also breaks down performance on a per platform, per creator, and per URL basis. Performance tracking in Unity Suite includes 3rdparty tracking pixels, tracking links, and the ability to assign individual links to influencers for complete e-commerce funnel analysis by a Marketer. A brand-new Unity Analytics API is available for enterprise customers to integrate into their own dashboards.

Enterprise EnhancementsIZEA has expanded their commitment to enterprise grade security, access control, and uptime. IZEAx 3.0 supports Single Sign On through SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). SAML allows enterprise customers to use their existing identity provider to manage access control to IZEAx without any additional registration or passwords to manage. The implementation works with identity providers like Oracle, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, and any system that supports the SAML open standard.

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