TINT’s State of User-Generated Content 2022 Report: UGC and Engagement ROI Central to Marketing Strategies This Year


According to TINT’s State of User-Generated Content (UGC) 2022 report, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to share content about a brand if they see the brand re-sharing customer content. Trust and authenticity are imperative for brands to connect with today’s consumers.

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As part of their research, TINT surveyed over 1,000 respondents, including 500 marketers, to identify existing trends and their potential impact on the future of marketing. The report identifies 7 prominent marketing themes:

  • Engagement vs ROI
  • Team growing pains
  • The untapped potential of User-Generated Content
  • Strengthening recruiting and employee engagement with Employee-Generated Content
  • Effectively embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • The power of visual content
  • The rise of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse(s)

“We are excited to present our annual 2022 State of User-Generated Content report. This year’s report explores the ways that brands connect with their communities, the impact of content across the entire customer journey and experience, how organizations interact with their employees, and strategies for 2022 and beyond.” said Sameer Kamat, CEO of TINT.

TINT’s survey also included 500 consumers to cross-reference data and uncover how brands can better align strategies with buyer expectations.

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The survey revealed:

Trend #1: Personalized Shopping Experiences – 72% of consumers believe that reviews and testimonials submitted by customers are more credible than the brand talking about their products.
Trend #2: Connecting More with Brands 
– 73% of consumers agree that they wish more brands would run contests or giveaways.
Trend #3: Consumers Care About DEI – 65% of consumers agree that it’s important to them to see brands channeling diversity in their brand.
Trend #4: Social Media Starts Brand Relationships – consumers are nearly 3x more likely to engage with a brand’s social media content than any other type of media they create.
Trend #5: The Informed Consumer – 78% of consumers feel that they can tell when a brand is advertising to them.

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