Kinesso Introduces Kanvas – Evolution of Developer Community

API Interfaces put Kinesso proprietary technology in the hands of developers at agencies and brands

Kinesso, IPG’s marketing intelligence company, announced that its “Developer Community” – launched last year – has successfully reached the next phase of its evolution. Now named Kanvas, the live interface puts Kinesso technology directly into the hands of technology companies, developers and more. Kanvas allows users to address various advertising and marketing technology challenges including defining audiences, creating insights, and running and optimizing campaigns. The result of over two years of development, Kanvas now boasts nine APIs with double-digit growth expected in 2022.

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“The Search and Social Reporting API accessible via the Kanvas platform aggregates all data sources through to a single endpoint and presents it in a user-friendly Dashboard tailored to our needs.”

Through its APIs, Kanvas gives partners who have previously been limited by only having access to off-the-shelf solutions or needing to build from the ground up a true alternative. By plugging into existing Kinesso solutions, customizing them, or building net new adtech and martech solutions, this approach encourages the innovation so vital in the rapidly changing marketing ecosystem, while cutting costs and timescales.

Kanvas provides many advantages to brands and agencies looking to design, grow, and build powerful adtech and martech solutions:

  • Seamless Access for Solution Development: With a current roster of nine proprietary APIs, with over 120 endpoints, Kanvas provides seamless access to development and innovation in one interface. Kanvas delivers access to APIs that help solve for challenges such as accessing untapped audiences; creating campaign insights and analytics; using data to drive continuously optimized campaigns; and features taxonomy standardization to ensure accurate campaign measurement. With all APIs accessible through the same interface, combined with development experts to help navigate solution creation, Kanvas is an accessible, cost-effective option for adtech and martech innovation.
  • Plug-and-Play Innovation: There is no use case or desired business outcome too large or too custom. Kanvas enables innovation based on a brand’s unique challenges and use cases, allowing users to build new solutions through its suite of APIs, or by plugging in existing martech and adtech solutions to add increased functionality and benefit.
  • Proven Results: In the past 18 months, Kanvas (formerly Developer Community) has been focused on developing alongside beta partners to ensure it delivers on its promise of being accessible, easy to use and able to solve complex business problems through custom development via APIs. After completing initial testing with partners such as Acxiom, PlaygroundXYZ, and The Trade Desk, Kanvas has since been leveraged by a number of clients across industries, delivering advanced technology solutions against custom use cases.

“By putting the power of Kinesso’s technology directly into the hands of agencies and brands, Kanvas helps businesses craft meaningful experiences for people, with results that are meaningful to their business in a low-code and customizable way; the use cases are endless,” said Graham Wilkinson, EVP, Product Innovation at Kinesso. “Kanvas fuels innovation by being open, accessible, and infinitely customizable, and unlike the most successful adtech and martech solutions, it is built for advertisers by advertisers. I look forward to seeing the many ways Kanvas contributes to better marketing experiences for people and better marketing results for businesses.”

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“To drive addressable campaign success and to ensure seamless cooperation between departments, we rely on performance insights derived from data from across advertising channels that we can tie back to yield and product data,” said Luke van der Wal, Online Marketing Innovation Expert at Sunweb Group. “The Search and Social Reporting API accessible via the Kanvas platform aggregates all data sources through to a single endpoint and presents it in a user-friendly Dashboard tailored to our needs.”

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