PostcardMania Adds QR Codes and Informed Delivery at No Cost to Flagship Multichannel Marketing Product

PostcardMania added 2 technologies — QR Codes and Informed Delivery — to its nationally-recognized multichannel marketing campaign package, Everywhere Small Business. These additions come at no cost to PostcardMania’s 101,631 small business clients subscribed to their Everywhere Small Business Platinum service, and will add even more exposure to its integrated campaigns, which currently include direct mail and coordinated ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube.

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A QR code — an abbreviation for “Quick Response” — is a barcode containing specific linkable information that consumers can access with a smartphone camera. As the number of Americans with a smartphone has climbed to 85%, QR codes have become a familiar feature that simplifies the jump from offline to online with a printed barcode that is easily scannable.

The QR codes included in the Everywhere Small Business package contain a URL that links postcard recipients to a business’s website or landing page. If the campaign includes personalization, each postcard will include its own unique QR code so businesses can better track who scans each QR code and use that data to better inform sales and closing efforts.

Informed Delivery, developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS), generates and delivers a digital preview of all letter-sized mail to recipients who have opted in. PostcardMania’s Informed Delivery service will include a call to action button that allows small business to drive traffic from that digital preview to their desired landing page.

Adding Informed Delivery into the Everywhere Small Business matrix provides a new opportunity to reach prospects, as 39 million households in the country have enrolled in the USPS’s Informed Delivery program.

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The introduction of these new technologies was aided by their new digital marketing division PCM Digital, which launched a short month ago.

This rapid evolution is part of a far-reaching shift PostcardMania started in 2013 to pivot from offering only direct mail in favor of a new direction — becoming a tech-first company focused on helping small business owners succeed in today’s multi-faceted, quickly evolving marketing landscape.

When asked about Everywhere Small Business’s new inclusions, Founder/CEO Joy Gendusa commented, “It was important to add these technologies free of charge, to keep Everywhere Small Business — and marketing in general — as accessible as it’s always been for small businesses. The entire purpose of Everywhere Small Business is to level the playing field and offer multichannel marketing at an accessible cost for the little guys and small businesses that don’t have huge marketing budgets and 10-person marketing teams — because the success of America’s small businesses is PostcardMania’s purpose!”

The addition of QR codes and Informed Delivery are par for the course as PostcardMania maintains forward momentum to cap off a year of unprecedented growth. Through December, 2021 earnings are up 30% year over year and projected to top $80MM by year’s end. Jobs at PostcardMania have grown as well to keep up with multichannel marketing demand, with 35 new employees joining the team in 2021 to bring PostcardMania’s current staff count to an all-time high of 320.

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