Aurora Mobile Launches Overseas Messaging Cloud Solution to Support International Expansion of Chinese Enterprises

Aurora Mobile Limited (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, today announced it has recently launched its Overseas Messaging Cloud Solution (the “Solution”) to serve Chinese enterprises’ international expansion as well as overseas markets. By integrating multiple messaging products such as JPush, SMS, email, JG UMS and other messaging products, the Solution focuses on the integration and management of multiple channels to help enterprises reach overseas users more efficiently. With this, Aurora Mobile helps Chinese enterprises who seek international expansion to build closer and more efficient connections with users, supporting their sustainable and efficient development in overseas markets. With the messaging cloud at its core, the Solution will act as an important part of the Company’s 2022 strategy to develop new growth drivers.

Aurora Mobile is a pioneer in bridging Chinese enterprises with overseas markets through the messaging cloud to seize new opportunities

Overseas expansion is becoming a substantial growth path for Chinese companies. According to a research report from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the amount of Chinese overseas direct investments in 2021 ranked in the top 3 in the world for the fourth consecutive year and nearly 80% of Chinese enterprises are expected to maintain or expand their investments in overseas market. The influence of Chinese enterprises in the world is growing and capital markets are also increasingly focusing on cross-border markets. Many of Aurora Mobile’s customers have been seeking overseas expansion, including some well-known enterprises in various sectors such as live streaming,

and e-commerce.

However, they cannot simply replicate their domestic experience. Chinese enterprises seeking overseas expansion face very different market environments involving data compliance, network environment, and software ecosystem. They often encounter problems such as decentralized messaging channels and low communication efficiency, and are exposed to compliance risks. For Chinese enterprises to achieve broader ambitions, the new round of overseas expansion demands communication tools that specifically fit overseas markets.

Aurora Mobile has seized this opportunity to launch the Solution. Leveraging efficient, accurate and comprehensive user reach tools, Aurora Mobile helps Chinese enterprises get more insights into the overseas markets and is confident in its capability to address customers’ needs.

Aurora Mobile leverages the integration of multiple messaging channels to help Chinese enterprises support their overseas expansion

As a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, Aurora Mobile’s market share in the messaging service sector is far ahead of its peers with 57.9 billion installations of its software development kits (SDKs), a monthly active unique device base of 1.44 billion, and nearly 3,000 paying customers. Considering that overseas users have different channels and routines to access messages, Aurora Mobile has integrated international email and SMS services into the Overseas Messaging Cloud Solution following the acquisition of SendCloud, the leading Email API Platform in China.

In addition to introducing email services that overseas users favor, Aurora Mobile is also exploring other mainstream communication channels in overseas markets, such as WhatsApp. Moving ahead, the Company will continue to enrich user reach channels according to overseas users’ behavior to achieve an omni-channel coverage and provide the most comprehensive and convenient user reach services to partners.

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Aurora Mobile has great potential to capitalize on the overseas expansion trend

The head of the messaging cloud service at Aurora Mobile said, “We have seen that many of our partners are considering overseas expansion, including some customers in the online social and live streaming sectors that have strong demand for user engagement and interaction. This will become an exciting growth driver for the Company. In the meantime, our solutions have also been well received by enterprise customers and partners with a global vision. We are confident in our cutting-edge technical capability to empower more enterprises to expand in overseas markets.”

Given the growing trend of globalization, Aurora Mobile will support Chinese enterprises in navigating global markets and exploring further growth opportunities in those markets. With the mission of “helping enterprises build intelligent and close connections with customers”, Aurora Mobile will continue to explore safer, stable, and intelligent customer engagement and marketing solutions in addition to user reach services to support and contribute to the globalization and sustainable success of Chinese brands.

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