GEORA App is set for its Pre-Launch to take Proximity Marketing to the Next Level

GEORA is a marketing platform that uses beacon technology to send time-sensitive content to a target audience at specific locations.

GEORA, a proximity marketing company, has announced its prelaunch and is now open to early subscriptions for free. Based on beacon technology, GEORA has developed a healthy community of businesses and individuals who want to get their offers to reach the relevant audience with perfection. The company aims to increase retention and feedback from information shared at the physical location.

The business started with a small yet valuable idea to create an ecosystem of communication in the military. GEORA is a helpful solution for community businesses. Retailers also love the concept of beacon technology.

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GEORA has three parts: The online platform used to create content and manage beacons, the proximity beacons used to push content to the app, and the mobile app used by the end users to interact with the content. This online dashboard and proximity beacons provide massive value in the form of attention of prospects to the businesses operating in a physical location. The best thing about this ecosystem is that the users can access the content later on, even if they are not in the beacon range.

The application of GEORA is an impressive list that includes advantages not limited to increased individual productivity, improved client retention, better frequency of positive feedback, and targeted marketing. Connect GEORA beacons to traditional campaigns for new options in digital interactions. Choosing the most suitable beacon subscription after free signup enables physical businesses to install beacons. The company is also offering an affiliate program.

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The marketing industry is about to get a boost from GEORA’s cutting-edge beacon technology because of the following reasons:

  • This new technology is more accessible for business owners to adopt
  • It will save businesses a substantial chunk of the marketing budget
  • Proximity marketing is very targeted and robust as compared to the other options
  • It can be easily installed in residential buildings, corporate buildings, and restaurants

Businesses can use GEORA to create and sales, fundraisers, events and promotional campaigns. Businesses that on-board GEORA beacons will create a unique opportunity for other companies to rent out promotional space and generate revenue.

GEORA is currently open to new ideas and suggestions, with the opportunity of free subscriptions in its pre-launch phase.

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