Google Bulletin Validates Vita Mobile Systems Crowdsourced, Geolocation Mobile App VITA

Google’s Pilot Validates the Overall Need for Media Localization as Well as VITA’s Geolocation, Crowdsourced Model for Sharing Pictures, Videos and Commentary on Local Events

Vita Mobile Systems Inc., a technology company focusing on digital imaging in mobile devices, is preparing to launch its first social media app, VITA. VITA is a revolutionary new mobile app that uses propriety crowdsourcing, geolocation and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to allow users to both contribute to and experience firsthand photos, videos and commentary for any event or location.

In recent news, Google has announced it has also delved into the social media world of hyperlocal news reporting by everyday social media users with its pilot of Google Bulletin. Google Bulletin expands social journalism by creating an interface for everyday users to create and publish microblogs of small, local events without the user having to create an individual blog or website. Although Google Bulletin is primarily focused on hyperlocal news stories, Google’s pilot validates the overall need for media localization as well as VITA’s geolocation, crowdsourced model for sharing pictures, videos and commentary on local events. VITA, however, goes far beyond the functionality offered by Google Bulletin by allowing any and all users to add their photos, videos and commentary to create a combined, crowdsourced, panoramic view of any event or location.

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“Google Bulletin simply validates what we already knew – we are on the right track. However, our app VITA will play a much bigger role in local storytelling, going beyond amateur journalism and giving social media consumers what they really want,” stated Sean Guerrero, CEO of Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. “VITA creates a crowdsourced, mosaic view of events and locations. Our app allows multiple users to contribute to an event or location via photos, videos and commentary, giving all users the ability to experience those events on a whole new level without the outdated blog post model. The lineage of currently popular social media platforms, now with the rising popularity of image-based apps like Instagram and Snapchat, further validates VITA’s focus and that social media consumers want more images and fewer words. We designed VITA to expand visual access to local events as well as give users the ease to go from one event or location to the next, losing themselves in first person views of events and locations they are interested in.

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“Google is a fantastic and successful company, so we are glad to see their model validate ours,” continued Guerrero. “We are not concerned about any competition with Google Bulletin. Although we share similar localized ideals, our foundations vary greatly. We also have taken note that Google has a history of launching pilots just to shut them down later. Google’s announcement actually fuels our progress as we continue to strengthen the backbone and true value to our company – the robust back-end infrastructure to build our crowdsourced content engine. Learning from Google that content is king, we have also deciphered that the real value lies in how we manage all that content through our proprietary algorithms, meta tagging, and cataloging.”

“Our duty is to create value for our shareholders, and we are currently making strategic moves and partnerships with that in mind, to not only strengthen our internal team but also enhance the value of the Company for the long term. I recently discussed this in more detail in a letter to shareholders, available on our website here, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t read it yet to take a look. We look forward to providing more updates as we near the launch of VITA.”

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