Oneflix, a New Social Streaming App for Netflix, Is Launching on Christmas Day

The social streaming app will make it possible to see what your friends are streaming and recommend content to each other.

Oneflix, a new social streaming app for Netflix, is launching on Christmas Day. The app is meant to be a social media for streaming services to allow consumers to discover what their friends are streaming on Netflix and major streaming services, discuss and recommend content to each other.

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As the number of streaming services in the market explode, most people have a hard time finding what to watch, or where to watch things, so they often rely on recommendations from friends and family members, or do a Google search to see what’s new and what’s trending across all the streaming services.

So Oneflix will aim to automate that process by aggregating all content from all the streaming services into one clean interface, and allow consumers to see the most popular content that their friends are watching, recommend content to each other, and chat about shows and movies they like.

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“The explosion of streaming services has led to a lot of frustration among consumers, because they now have to juggle multiple streaming services”, said Michael Goldberg, Chief Technology Officer. “The unintended consequence of this is that people have a harder time finding what to watch now more than at any other time in the history of film and television, because there is just so much content to keep up with, and the worst part is that all that content is fragmented across so many streaming services.”

“Between school, work, family, and other things, most people simply don’t have time. When they’re looking to watch something or unwind at night, they don’t have time to go do a long research on what to watch, most consumers are simply interested in three things: what is new, what is popular/trending, and what their friends are watching or talking about. And with the Oneflix technology, we hope to satisfy all those three things, and much more.”