inBar Beacon: Mobile-For-Retail Marketing Gets Its Next Eye Candy

Beacons are increasingly being projected as the “lighthouses” for mobile users.  Brick-and-mortar retailers and mobile marketers promptly add beacons to guide customers. In a major push to beacon marketing and contextual advertising, inMarket announced a strategic partnership with AMI Entertainment Network, for installation of inBar beacons across the US. AMI is the leading provider of digital jukeboxes and video systems to bars and restaurants in the country.

Mobile-for-retail marketing solutions firm inMarket chose 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to announce its latest platform for entertainment venues. Called the InBar Beacon, the new mise-en-scène intelligence platform enables retailers to tap into consumer’s mobile and connecting it to second screen venues. inMarket will partner with AMI Entertainment to introduce more than 23,000 inBars across the US.

The Venice, CA-based marketing platform and app developer is world’s largest mobile-to-mortar beacon platform. Partnering with AMI will facilitate the growth of artificial intelligence-powered assistants to guide shoppers in a hyper-personalized, second-screen ambience. inMarket’s inBar taps in the analytics from the consumer’s mobile and sets up smart jukebox interaction, suggesting relevant songs and offers based on context. It also runs exclusive playlist and AR content to inBar beacon users who prefer to experience the platform.

inBar will be available to all Android mobile devices. All comScore-verified app monthly active users can also activate inBar via inMarket’s SDK platform.

inBar beacon is expected to turn retail shopping on its head with its ‘supercharged’ beacon marketing technology. Designed to engage consumers digitally on an ambient platform, the latest inMarket beacon raises the audience engagement level by many notches.

inMarket ended the year 2016 on a high, registering 223% growth in its clientele. It added top brands like Heineken, Clorox, Energizer, and Rite Aid to its clientele, and influenced consumers during the Black Friday weekend sale.