Website Audit for Enhancing Onsite Authority – Things to Consider

If you have an online business website, you will want it to perform well. And by that it means, you will want it to garner the best online Traffic, increase online Visibility, Brand Awareness, make more online Sales, increase ROI and the entire customer base. Often websites make the mistake of not checking how their SEO and marketing initiatives are performing. Here it’s essential to opt-in for a detailed website audit, to take note of where you are excelling and where you need to perform better.

Website audits get conducted for multiple segments. It is essential to know whether Google views your site as an authentic or authoritative. For this, you need to do an audit to enhance onsite authority. To know more about this, you can visit the site improve website audit.

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Some of the essential things to consider for improving onsite authority are as follows:

Assess the Website Navigation

Is your site navigation friendly? Will it be easy for an online user to find what he/she is searching for? It is essential for the web pages to get linked vertically, using both broad categories and sub-categories, in separate pages. Does it take fewer clicks to get to a web page? If yes, then it’s a good sign. If it’s more, you need to address the issue and solve it at the earliest.

Evaluate the Website Speed

You can resort to tools such as Pingdom, to check your website speed. The faster a site loads, the better it is for getting high ranks. You can manage the site speed problems by solving issues related to hosting, clearing the extra Metadata and plug-ins that at times can slow the speed of data transfer.

Make Sure of Site Safety

When you address this aspect, it will add a minimal boost to your search engine ranks! But it is worth making this update and signing up for SSL encryption. A secure site is always a bonus for Google search ranks.

Get the URL’s Fixed

Every URL in your website needs to be short. You should also be able to read it easily. Hence, the URL’s should have words instead of numbers. You can also add essential keywords here. However, make sure that there are no excesses.

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Identify the Broken Links

It is essential to examine the internal links to ensure that they ensure your web pages are proper.

Reduce the Poor Redirects

JavaScript, 307 and 302 redirects are not good. They don’t bring any value for a new page. You can resort to the 301 redirects instead.

Make a Compatibility Test

When you have conducted all these checkpoints, your website is expected to be compatible with both mobile and other browsers. Check this making use of the Webmaster Tools. Else you can review the pages manually as well, but that might be time-consuming.

Use Google Analytics

Making sure that scripts get installed well is essential. Also, ensure there’s information on each web page.

If you want to enhance the onsite authority, make sure your website audit has these essential checkpoints. If you are unsure about what else to add-in you can refer to your service provider from time to time.

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