Dreamforce TechBytes with Matt Ostanik, CEO, FunnelWise

Matt Ostanik

Matt Ostanik
CEO,  FunnelWise

Salesforce Dreamforce is one of the biggest software conferences in the world. In the run-up to this event, we unveil our special TechByte series featuring high-profile Dreamforce attendees and MarTech Champions. We spoke to FunnelWise CEO Matt Ostanik about the evolution of revenue funnel science.

MTS: How has Revenue Funnel Science evolved in terms of MarTech maturity?
Matt Ostanik: 
Revenue Funnel Science™ and MarTech go hand-in-hand. Revenue Funnel Science is a framework to utilize the information you can get from your marketing and sales technology stack. Companies mature over time with their use of both Revenue Funnel Science and MarTech. Here is a great article about how the maturity cycle for both and how they are linked.

MTS: What’s the core tenet of offering full-funnel intelligence to modern businesses?
Imagine your marketing and sales funnel is an assembly line in a factory. You built the factory, purchased the equipment and are paying the laborers (your marketing and sales staff) to run the factory for you. The factory gets fed with raw materials (new leads and prospects), and the output is new paying customers for your business.

Revenue Funnel Science, funnel diagnostics and full-funnel intelligence are the tools and methodology that tell you if your factory assembly line is operating as effectively as it could be. If it is not, then they also provide the intelligence to help you make the necessary changes to improve. In most modern businesses, their marketing and sales “factory assembly lines” are growing increasingly more complex. Full-funnel intelligence allows businesses to ensure they are not only gaining visibility into their funnel but also provides diagnostics to point out what actions will optimize and maximize the new revenue that comes from it.

MTS: As the CEO of a marketing and sales intelligence company, what’s the biggest draw for you at Dreamforce 2017?
The biggest draw for me at Dreamforce is the opportunity to connect with and learn from other very innovative people in the marketing and sales technology and Salesforce ecosystem! The activity and energy in this space is amazing, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

MTS: What marketing technologies are you keen to explore at Dreamforce?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential for marketing technology, but it still feels like it is in its infancy stages. I am keen to learn more about the latest AI developments from Salesforce and other industry leaders.

MTS: What are the biggest challenges for companies in achieving revenue goals?
The biggest challenge I have seen is the ability for marketing and sales teams to understand the right pattern and frequency of actions to take in every stage of their funnel, and then to apply those “funnel playbooks” consistently across both marketing and sales. In our work with funnel analytics, we have built an extensive database of funnel performance metrics from many types and sizes of companies. We have then analyzed what differentiates the best performers from everyone else. The data has been very clear that the most important factor in consistently achieving revenue goals is to have deep visibility into how playbooks of the right marketing campaigns and right sales actions can drive the right results.

MTS: What message would you have for Dreamforce 2017 attendees?
Enjoy your time at Dreamforce, have fun, and learn as much as you can!

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Matt.
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