MarTech Interview with Paige R Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer at NetBase Quid

Paige R Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer at NetBase Quid shares a few thoughts on the future of martech and the importance of sentiment analysis in marketing in this quick chat with us:


Welcome to this martech chat Paige, tell us more about NetBase Quid’s platform?

The NetBase Quid platform delivers consumer and market intelligence through deep contextual insights to reveal business trends, enable companies to better connect with their consumers, and understand the story behind their competitors and the market. The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to process billions of resources across all forms of structured and unstructured data.

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We’d also love to hear a bit about a typical marketing day at work at NetBase Quid!

A typical day in marketing at NetBase Quid involves strategizing and working with teams across the organization on market and customer engagement.  We are always looking for new innovative ways to share the breadth and depth of our offerings and how they have helped brands, agencies, consulting companies across the world better connect with their audiences and consumers.

How are you seeing social media play a growing game of importance in the overall marketing mix today? 

Social media importance continues to grow by leaps and bounds because of the acceleration of change in consumer behaviors, trends, and beliefs. As a result, the importance in connecting with customers and understanding how the industry and market perceives a brand and or product through social is at the center of the marketing mix.

In what ways have you seen demand for features and social media automation change over the last few years and how do you see this market and growth of social media analytics platforms and social automation platforms shape up?

The importance of deriving deep intelligence from social media is the driving force behind the demand for features. These new features are increasingly focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and need for fast and accurate insights of brand perception, campaign effectiveness, understanding the competitive environment, responding to a crisis and more. Next generation AI is the difference maker in social automation platforms, without accurate insights a company can all to easily come to the wrong the conclusions and miss strategic opportunities.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the key social metrics that today’s marketers need to pay more attention to?

I think sentiment and passion index are two metrics that are super important to be tracking at the brand level. Sentiment analysis is the use of artificial intelligence to analyze social conversations and determine deeper context as they apply to a topic, brand or theme. And Brand Passion Index, which reports on how intense your customers feel about your brand do they “Love it” or just “Like it” in comparison to your competitors.

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What are some best practices that you feel users of social media automation and analytics platforms need to keep in mind?

I think the following are important best practices to know and keep in mind as your teams use the platform:

  • Your care specialists can follow response protocols and their intuition. But arm them with even more information based on known signals from channel engagement.
  • Your current content lineup might be crushing it. But there are always threats waiting in the wings, so make sure your team are continuously reviewing the competitive and categorical intelligence to aid their decision making.  
  • People connect with your witty campaigns. But not every idea is a winner, so ensure that you are monitoring early warning signs that an idea is floundering to help you change course sooner rather than later.
  • There are far too many dollars at stake in the media industry, so no one is going to ask for less information when making decisions. Make sure you are using the best possible platform.

A few predictions you’d like to share on the future of martech?

I believe the future of marketing technology will continue to require flexible and insight driven capabilities to track ROI and enable companies to understand and engage with their customers. And the key element of this will be data analytics. It is foundational and I believe will eventually be adopted company wide as digital transformation continues to grow rapidly. Data analytics will act as the consumer and market intelligence hub for every channel and market outreach.

Some takeaways for marketing leaders and CMOs/CEOs for the rest of 2021?

Customer understanding is super essential, every business leader recognizes this fact, but the devil is in the details and that is precisely where companies struggle. Social media contains a treasure-trove of knowledge, but this intel is entirely useless without a way to aggregate and analyze its contents accurately.  Businesses that don’t invest in understanding what their consumers are thinking and saying on-line will fall behind as the market continues to grow faster and get more competitive than ever.

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NetBase Quid is the next generation consumer and market intelligence platform, delivering contextual insights to reveal business trends, connect with consumers, and understand the story behind competitors and the market. The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to process billions of indexed resources across all forms of structured and unstructured data, empowering our brand, agency and consulting services customers to make smart, data driven decisions accurately, quickly and efficiently. NetBase Quid is a trusted partner of American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Ogilvy, T-Mobile, United Airlines, YUM! Brands, Walmart, Hyundai, Wunderman Thompson, Microsoft, BCG and The New York Times. 

Paige is the Chief Marketing Officer at NetBase Quid. He has over 20 years’ experience in technology and marketing, working to sell enterprise application solutions and manage trusted customer relationships. Prior to his current role, Leidig was CMO for CipherCloud where he was responsible for all aspects of marketing and helped lead the company from the early stage to a leader in the cloud security market. Leidig has also worked in executive marketing management positions at SAP, Ariba, Elance, and E*Trade.

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