MarTech Video Interview with Frank Sinton, President and Founder at Beachfront Media

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Some advertising technology providers like Beachfront have a very important role to play in the current Connected TV and OTT ecosystem. We have come a long way since the first generation of OTTs, Set-up-box VODs and programmatic advertising platforms made their entry in the ad tech market. Today, we are witnessing rampant innovations in both video ad management as well as CTV performance analytics, hinting at the next big developments for the Digital TV advertisers and publishers. 

In today’s martech video interview, we have Beachfront’s President and founder, Frank Sinton.

Frank Sinton bootstrapped Beachfront from the ground up for more than 10 years, building the leading independent video ad management platform at the convergence of digital and TV.

He sold a majority stake of Beachfront to Penny Pritzker’s PSP Capital in late 2017, and he’s remained on as President through a hyper-growth period. Sinton is the mastermind behind Beachfront’s ability to enable monetization across every consumer viewing endpoint — traditional TV, connected TV, mobile and desktop. He’s spent much of the past several years enabling real-time, programmatic monetization of traditional TV spot inventory (set-top-box VOD and live linear) for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and cable operators. He also closely follows and studies cryptography and blockchain applications to advertising, and is a key member of AdLedger, a nonprofit consortium working to build rules and standards for the application of blockchain and cryptography to media and advertising.

Beachfront is a video ad management platform for media and advertisers.

At the convergence of digital video and traditional TV, we are the trusted source for transparent buying and selling of premium video inventory, and the only real-time solution for set-top-box VOD and OTT. The world’s largest media owners partner with us to build custom video advertising solutions so they can optimize yield and drive revenue across all screens. Similarly, global agencies and brands work with Beachfront to deploy premium video campaigns to maximize ROI.

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