TechBytes with Greg Wester, CMO at Mobile Posse (now part of Digital Turbine)

TechBytes with Greg Wester, CMO at Mobile Posse (now part of Digital Turbine)

Hi Greg, Mobile is the most addictive device ever-made by humans. What makes mobile commerce so effective in retaining its audience?

“The winners in mobile have always been those that create ‘frictionless’ experiences. Removing the obstacles from getting the things we want – be it commerce (Amazon), food (Grubhub) or a taxi (Uber) – has become a societal trend and changed how we live our lives day to day. Previously, commerce was a scheduled, time-oriented activity, but mobile has allowed shopping to become a behavior to kill time. When we have a few moments to spare, we now use them to fill our e-baskets with items we need or sometimes just stumble upon.”

Without mobile, life would be less complicated!!! Do you agree with the statement?

“I do not agree that taking away mobile phones would make life less complicated. Don’t look at mobile phones as things creating complexity in our lives, look at them as ways to make our lives different. In certain ways, mobile does complicate our lives by the need to learn new technologies and ways of doing things, parenting changes and the need to be near a charger. But, it has also made life less complicated through the frictionless experiences previously mentioned, tracking where our children are and connecting face-to-face – through Facetime – with the people we love. Mobile is much like electricity and automobiles, in that it’s a pivotal technology that defines an era and, as such, can both complicate and simplify lives.”

As a business leader, Mobile may seem like the most effective tool in the world. As a parent, it could be the most dangerous thing to fall into the hands of youngsters and minors. How should users walk the balancing rope?

“For starters, it’s not about the smartphone themselves, it’s about the content on the phone. Both parents and business leaders alike need to filter out the bad influences. Parents may need to use software to put limits and boundaries on what children can do. Similarly, business leaders may need to cease texting customers/prospects/employees and actually use their phone as a phone. One of the biggest device challenges for parenting is the ‘network effect’ of the smartphone because children can feel left out if they aren’t in tune to what’s going on. Parents need to balance this reality by helping their children stay socially connected when off their devices.  This takes a lot of commitment and effort.”

Tell us more about the ‘habit Loop’ that you recently discovered. What makes it so interesting for businesses?

“Tomorrow’s business winners will be those that understand human behavior. We all form habits and mobile hasn’t changed that, but it has changed what our habits are. While we used to read the paper and make a pot of coffee in the morning, now we are getting updates on our phone while grabbing Starbucks on the go. By designing experiences that tap into our habits and daily routines, brands can create lasting impressions and loyalty with customers.”

Hear it from the pro: What does your Sixth Sense say about the future of the “Mobile Commerce”?

“My Sixth Sense says to get ready for BIG changes in loyalty. The more frictionless a retailer’s experience, the more the RETAILER’S loyalty will increase. That’s quite straightforward. However, as technology becomes more intelligent and automated, BRAND loyalty will also evolve.  For example,  with Alexa when I say, ‘Alexa, reorder my coffee,’ I’ll get Cafe Bustelo, not any other brand, because it’s the last brand I’ve ordered.  In this case, my BRAND LOYALTY (to Cafe Bustelo) appears to grow, but I never was even exposed to competing brands and their offers.”

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