TechBytes with Tim Beeson, Global Alliances Director, Natterbox Limited


Tim Beeson
Global Alliances Director at Natterbox Limited

Recently, Natterbox Limited announced an automatic routing service that uses the intelligence captured from phone conversations to link callers with the most appropriate and skilled agents. We spoke to Tim Beeson, Global Alliances Director at Natterbox Limited, to understand how they leverage AI/Machine Learning and intelligent tools, and the benefits and challenges they have faced in their application at the company.

Tell us about your role at Natterbox and the team/technology you handle.

I‘m the Global Alliances Manager at Natterbox. My team educates Salesforce and their Implementation Partners about Natterbox and its place within the marketplace. Our goal is to share the value Natterbox can bring Salesforce clients around improving the customer journey and business efficiencies and productivity. Natterbox is 100% focused on Salesforce. The team spans across Europe, APAC and North America and has the goal of supporting clients with the most-advanced voice technology — all within the familiar environment of the Salesforce Platform.

What are the core tenets of your technology available through the Salesforce Community Cloud?

Natterbox’s core services provide real-time voice integration for Salesforce, allowing organizations to turn voice analyzation into data to help improve customers’ interactions with the brand. Our Advanced Voice Cloud service offers a global, enterprise-grade phone system all controlled and managed 100% within Salesforce.

Through our continued partnership with Salesforce, our CTI application will sit in the Community Cloud, allowing customers to quickly enable the service for their network when needed. This includes limiting or extending access depending on their requirements.

How does your partnership with Salesforce empower Salesforce communities?

Our customers asked for a solution that provides a better understanding of the activity behind their business outputs. They were spending significant sums of money on generating leads to be shared with dealers, franchises or partners, with little structured accountability. With Natterbox’s integrated position within Salesforce, we are now able to meet user demand and fully integrate the functions into the CRM process.

As the first telephony provider available through Salesforce Community Cloud, Natterbox allows Salesforce Communities to extend their CTI investment to their full business ecosystem. For example, any telemarketing activity generated from a lead can be captured and tracked directly in the Salesforce platform, alongside any other marketing actions. Customers now have the ability to share, control and gain greater visibility into how their community uses voice to follow up on leads, resulting in better marketing investment decisions backed by trusted data insights.

What are your predictions on the evolution of the telephony landscape with the maturity of CRMs, Marketing Automation, AI and Intelligent Assistants?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big disruptor. We see many companies recording calls, but very few actually dedicate the time to go back through the calls to extract data. Being able to analyze calls is vital, and that’s where AI comes in. Using this technology, businesses are able to establish what a good call is, where employee training is needed, and how both employees and customers react during the call. AI systems can also help monitor how someone speaks, using self-learning capabilities to decide the difference between good and bad calls for employee training purposes. We’re only just scratching the surface of the power of voice communication in business and we’re excited for what the future holds.

How should businesses unlock their potential to maximize revenue with their telephony system? What role do call tracking and call intelligence platforms play in this business?

Companies now have access to smart solutions that can record information about every conversation that they have with a customer over the phone — from keeping track of details about what was discussed to the tone of the customer’s voice to help track whether it was a positive or negative call. When a customer calls back, the system uses this information to provide a unique and personalized journey. We find that it is often strong emotions — stress or confusion — that lead us to pick up the phone. Making that experience as easy and helpful as possible will make a huge difference to that customers’ perception of a brand.

How do you leverage AI/Machine Learning and intelligent tools at Natterbox? What benefits and challenges have you faced in their applications at the company?

Natterbox is always looking for new ways to revolutionize the telephony industry, including using the latest technology capabilities such as AI and Machine Learning to gain even more insights from calls. We have some exciting launches coming down the pipeline. Most recently, we announced an automatic routing service that uses the intelligence captured from phone conversations to link callers with the most appropriate and skilled agents. Our next big venture is to use AI for real-time translation, meaning that our clients’ customers will have an even more personalized phone journey by being able to communicate in their chosen language with ease.

Thanks for chatting with us, Tim.

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