TechBytes with Raj Iyer, VP, Product Management at HCL Software

TechBytes with Raj Iyer VP, Product Management at HCL Software

Tell us more about your HCL Commerce Fall Release and how it would help your users generate more sales and revenue in 2021?

With new Content Management and new Digital Asset Management capabilities being embedded in the business user tooling, users can manage the customer experience all from one place, one tool. This ensures digital marketers and merchandisers are on the same page, can collaborate and share efficiently and effectively and drive a unified touch with the customer for increased sales and customer satisfaction.  Imagine merchandisers and marketers being able to see where customers struggle across the customer journey. The end result of any friction in the buying process will most likely result in abandoned shopping carts and never returning to your site. Our struggle detection capabilities ensure that you can understand buying behavior, spot struggles throughout the process in real-time and respond to the customer with an offer to drive conversions.

How is Marketing benefit from the IT modernization strategies?

– Cloud Native is an enabling technology that helps marketers and merchandisers to release new innovations to market faster and stand out as a brand.

– Enables the business to adapt to changing business demand (scale up for sales peaks, scale down to save costs).

– Portability to run on any cloud, public, private, hybrid or on-prem enables merchants to take advantage of unique capabilities delivered by the different cloud vendors. One cloud may offer capabilities that support your business better than another cloud vendor.

– Customization – Ability to drive brand experiences that differentiate you from your competitors and enable a seamless buying experience.

– Time to Market (see question #1)

– Your data is your data. Our clients worry about their data on products and sales being shared across a community that includes competitors. Cloud Native protects your data.

Why should CMOs closely work with CIOs in deciding where their Martech stacks are heading to in 2021?

The question organizations should be asking when selecting their marketing stack components is whether the solution is architecture and extensibility and not focus on feature/function. Marketing capabilities can then easily be adopted across commerce or supply chain and vice-versa. With these insights, marketing can make better informed business decisions that drive better offers and promotions. That’s why CMO’s and CIO’s need to work closely together and break down the business silos.

Thank you for answering all our questions!

Rajesh Iyer is Vice President, Product Management for HCL Software, and is responsible for driving the vision, strategy, roadmaps and product launches for the entire product portfolio. Raj also has overall P&L responsibility for the marketing, commerce and data product portfolio.

Before joining HCL Technologies, Raj was ASEAN MD for DXC helping clients achieve superior business outcomes through digital transformations around infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, big data, applications and business consulting service lines.

Raj has a computer science degree (honors) from Birla Institute of Technology and research fellowship from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research with focus on AI and neural networks.

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