TechBytes with Ryan Pfenninger, Chief Technology Officer at 250ok

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at 250ok.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer of 250ok, where I oversee all progress of our Product and Engineering teams. I still maintain a very hands-on role, with much of my day in the product, improving it, fixing issues that arise, and overall ensuring the 250ok platform is everything we want it to be.

Can you talk us through the decision process of setting the new integration in place? What was the “tipping point” that made you realize 250ok needed to have it?

The lack of Gmail Postmaster Tools (GPT) data in any comprehensive deliverability tool is a historic pain point for email marketers. With Gmail being one of the biggest mailbox providers, and a large portion of an email marketer’s subscriber list, the inability to see performance data at Gmail as part of their holistic, overall picture of deliverability is the definition of a blindspot.

At 250ok, we are continuously upgrading and improving our platform to bring marketers advance email insights, so finding a way to funnel GPT data into a comprehensive deliverability solution seemed natural.

How much additional information does this integration offer customers? Both in regards to the timeframe of data available as well as the additional insights they now have access to that they did not before.

The integration grants our clients simple access to all the data you can find in Google Postmaster Tools, conveniently in the same platform as all their other data sources courtesy of 250ok Analytics.

Clients get thirty days of data at a glance, and for newly added domains we’ll pull up to 120 days of historical data. By seeing this information along side the information we provide, customers get total transparency into their performance at Gmail with the ability to benchmark, compare, and analyze that performance against deliverability metrics from other mailbox providers.

How can your customers benefit from leveraging this integration?

They benefit by having all of their Gmail performance data in one place within their 250ok account, they will no longer have to flip between multiple domains or reporting tabs to see all of their performance data in one place.

Additionally, we will shortly be releasing GPT alerts in our Alert Center so that clients can be proactively alerted when certain changes occur in their Gmail reputation.

In the announcement, you mentioned about the integration gaps since 2015. Can you throw some light on that and how 250ok helped to bridge the gap for Google Postmaster Tools?

Google Postmaster Tools is full of useful information to email marketers that has been historically difficult to consume. Data has not been exportable, and therefore it was time-consuming and difficult to line up with other data sets to fully understand what’s occurring in an Email Marketing program.

With our new integration the data is easily consumable and we provide our clients with the ability to overlay GPT data with their other deliverability data sets to quickly get a full picture.

Ryan Pfenninger is the CTO at 250ok.

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