Webinar World TechBytes with Aaron Dun, Senior Vice President, Marketing, SnapApp

Aaron Dun

Aaron Dun
Senior Vice President, Marketing, SnapApp

The foremost question at the ongoing Webinar World’18 is -‘How to put the personal back in marketing,’ – with a focus on how to build context-based campaigns and deliver events that put the customer first and foster authentic engagement between the audience and the brand. In the run-up to the event, we spoke to martech thought leaders speaking at the event. We spoke to Aaron Dun, SVP, Marketing, SanpApp, to understand how he sees the current situation.



What are you excited to speak about at ON24 Webinar World 2018?

It is no secret that many of us are feeling the struggle to scale, so I’m excited to help marketers think differently about how to relate to their prospects. I’m looking forward to challenging us to stop relying on the old B2B playbook of lead gated white papers fueling an inbound pipeline and instead move toward meaningful interactions that drive real results.

What do you believe is necessary to foster authentic engagement between your customers and your brand?

Authentic engagement starts and ends with a value exchange. Creating a dynamic, two-way conversation where your prospect gets exactly what they are looking for opens the door for marketers to derive more meaningful value from that interaction also.

What are you hoping to take away from Webinar World 2018?

I’m looking forward to being inspired by the incredible group of speakers lined up at Webinar World, as well as networking and swapping ideas with lots of other smart marketers!

How should marketers leverage marketing technologies to empathize with customers?

Marketing technology has come a long way in enabling marketers to engineer real conversations with prospects by providing content they care about and derive value from. Leveraging the right marketing technology allows buyers to guide their own journey, which is crucial for empathizing with your audience. Putting them in the driver’s seat and allowing them to guide their own journey fosters an empathetic relationship where buyers choose the next step and aren’t forced down the funnel on your terms.

How do you leverage webinar marketing tools to engage with your online audience? How does it help you build a strong sales pipeline?

Webinar Marketing tools allow us to create a new, engaging environment where the value of an open, interactive discussion is hard to oversell. My team specifically has been working on a way to open up continuous lines of communication with our audience through our “Ask a Marketer” webinar and video series. These webinars have become a very effective entry point for a lot of our audience into our sales pipeline.

AR/VR/Webinars and Event Automation– How do you predict online experiences will change with emerging technologies, from promotion to event engagement to follow-up?

We are already seeing this shift begin to happen, with many companies opting to begin automating event follow up and communications for both online and offline events with tools like interactive content. I look forward to seeing what marketers will be able to do with events when we have increasingly powerful technology that can handle the basic logistics for events, leaving more room for marketers to focus on the creative, interesting ideas.

Thanks for chatting with us, Aaron.
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