Now, You Have LiveRamp IdentityLink for TV

LiveRamp IdentityLink for Television Is Aimed at Transforming The World’s Largest Marketing Medium; Brands, Agencies, Programmers, and Technology Platforms Can Now Execute People-Based Marketing at Scale in $224 Billion Television Industry

LiveRamp, a leading provider of Omnichannel Identity Resolution and a MarTech RADAR 150 Company, announced the extension of its IdentityLink™ platform to television. For the first time, brands, agencies, programmers and technology platforms will be able to execute people-based TV media planning, buying, and measurement that is scalable and secure the TV ecosystem. In turn, consumers will be able to benefit from more relevant brand interactions that are coordinated across digital and traditional channels.

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At the time of this announcement from LiveRamp, Jocelyn Lee, Head of Media Strategy and Ad Technology at Heat + Deloitte Digital, said, “TV remains one of the most influential advertising channels today – but it’s also the least sophisticated for targeting and measurement. As we move towards an increasingly cross-screen world, we need the ability to target and measure everywhere. We’re excited to see IdentityLink extending to the TV for true omnichannel marketing.”

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What LiveRamp IdentityLink for TV Can Help Achieve

Amanda Martin, Director Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group, said, “Television is no longer just television— it’s simply not enough to reach consumers through traditional linear TV since the living room is now any device.”

Amanda added, “In today’s world, creating a relevant and seamless consumer experience across channels is critical, and we’re thrilled that LiveRamp is bringing IdentityLink to TV to further improve targeting and the user experience.”

“IdentityLink has already transformed marketing in digital channels, allowing our customers to leverage the power of identity resolution to create more relevant interactions with consumers,” said Allison Metcalfe, General Manager of TV at LiveRamp.

Allison added, “We’re excited to bring these same capabilities to the world of television – including addressable TV, OTT services, connected TV, TV everywhere, video on demand and audience-based buying for linear television.”

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Brands and agencies work with many partners in the marketing ecosystem to create, deliver, and measure the effectiveness of TV advertising. These partners also benefit heavily from people-based marketing practices.

Viewership on Connected TVs and Apps Continues to Grow at Exponential Rates

Robert Schroko
Robert Schroko

Robert Schroko, Vice President of Data Strategy at A+E, explained, “As content consumption and viewing behavior continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to know the viewers, understand the household, and be able to deliver against our partners’ goals of targeting, effectiveness, and measured outcomes.”

Robert said, “As viewership on connected TVs and apps continues to grow at exponential rates, A+E Networks needs to be able to capitalize on the full reach of our content and the aggregate audiences across platforms, regardless of how a viewer is choosing to engage with us. LiveRamp is well-positioned to help solve for this with its identity solutions, platform integrations, and the ability to solve for attribution.”

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Greg Hampton, Inscape at VIZIO
Greg Hampton

“TV viewing behavior is changing, and measuring advertising effectiveness in an omnichannel world is more difficult than ever before,” said Greg Hampton, Vice President of Inscape.

Greg added, “Inscape and LiveRamp are collaborating to empower brands to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions when it comes to targeting and measurement, and we look forward to our continued partnership in solving for audience fragmentation.”

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LiveRamp’s IdentityLink for TV  Measures and Optimizes Audience Engagement for IRI Media Center of Excellence

“Consumer demand for helpful advertising is driving this industry forward like never before,” said Nishat Mehta, President of the IRI Media Center of Excellence.

Nishat quipped, “Consumers want the right message at the right time in the right place, so we’re excited to integrate LiveRamp’s IdentityLink into our end-to-end media solutions. This technology will help consumers receive the relevant messaging they desire in a proven creative format and enable advertisers to have the insights they need to plan better campaigns, target and activate the right audiences, and measure and optimize results in TV.”

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LiveRamp Improves Targeting and Measurement Efforts in Advanced TV

Walt Horstman, TiVo
Walt Horstman, TiVo

“TiVo is laser-focused on offering a superior, feature-rich, and personalized user experience to our customers across devices, and mapping the customer journey is key to meeting their needs,” said Walt Horstman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Media and Advertising at TiVo.

Walt added, “As traditional TV becomes more fragmented, LiveRamp is uniquely positioned to provide leading people-based solutions to improve targeting and measurement efforts in advanced TV, and we’re excited to be a part of this platform solution.”

TV Audience Data and the Idea of Clear Customer Journey Analytics

John Hoctor
John Hoctor

John Hoctor, CEO of Data Plus Math, said, “CMOs are increasingly being asked to show the ROI for each component of their media spend.”

John said, “LiveRamp is uniquely positioned to help Data Plus Math’s attribution platform link customer actions to TV impressions, enabling a much clearer picture of the customer journey from product awareness to eventual purchase.”

Sean Muller, CEO at, said, “Matching iSpot’s device graph and real-time ad attribution systems with LiveRamp’s identity resolution services is a big enhancement to the cross-platform marketing movement.

Sean added, “Now brands can extend their advanced digital segments into smarter TV buying and better ad measurement.”

Anneka Gupta, Co-President of LiveRamp
Anneka Gupta, Co-President, LiveRamp

Anneka Gupta, Co-President of LiveRamp, said, “Our goal is to power the creation of an omnichannel view of the consumer, which everyone in the marketing ecosystem can leverage to improve the consumer experience.”

Anneka added, “Linking TV data into that view is the next key step in this journey, and we’re excited to be the first to bridge the divide between digital and linear channels.”

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), TV currently accounts for $224 billion in global marketing spend. However, audience fragmentation in TV is becoming more prevalent due to the proliferation of devices and content sources.

As more than 60 percent of adults under the age of 30 primarily use streaming services delivered via over-the-top services (OTT) and connected TVs, advertising on those channels is projected to account for nearly half of all TV revenue by 2020.

In addition, U.S. addressable TV ad spending is expected to double over the next two years. All these variables make the job of reaching a single consumer exponentially more difficult.

Currently, LiveRamp, as an Acxiom Company, offers brands and the companies they work with identity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem and provides the foundation for omnichannel marketing. IdentityLink transforms the technology platforms used by our clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing, and ultimately allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love.

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